hi my name is rose im 15 years young i live in lousiana and go to faith academy and yes it is private school and yes it sucks big time im on a teen dance team that i love and i travel all over the place i hate lousiana i hope to move to new york one day and become a singer/ actress i cant wait i hate my parents 95 percent of the time the 5 percent is for wen they give me money ya that about all as for dem oh i love anime its ssssoooo cute and i have alot of friends most of them r guys sept for rebecca gaudin korey broussard deanna young and devin petite i love dem there the best i talk alot so people usually say im friendly i also attend a youth group called xplode that i adore i love comments so plesse send peace out for now ttyl and hit me up my numbers 2255713853

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Total Value: 17,821 Gold
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Long-Stem Red Rose
Deadly Mood Bubble
Black Tie
Drop Dead Gorgeous Stone Skull Earrings
Drop Dead Gorgeous Skull Hairpin
Blade's Black Boots
Black Glamrock Jean Skirt
Rouge Hot Pants
Berry Tavern Wench's Cincher
Cloud Zebra Top


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falling in love

my love life

a brief story about my schoool love LIVES hahah



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gangsta lil_juan

Report | 05/23/2010 2:38 pm

gangsta lil_juan

wat up

Report | 03/30/2009 5:08 pm


waz up

Report | 12/07/2008 3:27 pm


happy birthday!~ mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen
-Xxta blaze taxX-

Report | 10/28/2008 8:38 am

-Xxta blaze taxX-

thanks 4 buying
Hot kamikia

Report | 08/01/2008 2:20 pm

Hot kamikia

hi long time no see

Report | 07/12/2008 10:09 am


see you later

Report | 07/12/2008 10:08 am


what's up
Angry jev

Report | 07/01/2008 1:16 pm

Angry jev

hey whats up?
I know I asked you before
but.... Like does your friend know howto do it?
Me and my friend really want to know how to do it
Barbie Doll_x

Report | 06/19/2008 8:48 pm

Barbie Doll_x

aw s**t i posted twice my bad