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Real Name: Rose Wilson-Worth
Current Alias: Ravager
Other Alias: Skill
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Base Of Operations: Titans Tower, San Francisco, California.
Affiliation: Teen Titans
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 116 lbs (53 kg)
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair: Silver
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Adventurer
Relatives: Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) (father), Lillian Worth (mother, deceased), Grant Wilson (Ravager I) (half-brother, deceased), Joseph Wilson (Jericho) (half-brother), Wade La Farge (half-uncle, deceased)


A few years after his divorce from Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson - the mercenary known as Deathstroke, The Terminator - took a search-and-rescue mission under contract. Slade met Lillian " Sweet-Lilli" Worth, an Oriental clan princess whose life fell in ruins after her kingdom was destroyed by a war in the Far East. It was Slade's mission to bring Lilli from war-torn Cambodia to Thailand, where she would have relative freedom. (In the Post-Flashpoint reality, Rose Wilson is the child of Adeline Kane and not Lillian Worth).

The mission was successful; During the journey, Slade and Lillian became lovers as well. Slade and Lillian remained in contact, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lillian, who later gave birth to Rose Worth. Lillian kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child's best interest to do so. Lillian eventually settled outside New York City, where she established a brothel and lived in luxury. Despite the environment, Rose was raised with other children her age and was schooled by private tutors. She not only received a happy childhood, but was also taught how to defend herself.

Powers & Abilities

*Precognition* Rose's powers include limited precognition. She is sometimes able to use her precognitive abilities to 'see' her opponent's next moves, although her visions come and go, mainly it appears to manifest when her adrenaline is running. In one instance, she was able to have an extensive precognitive vision where she saw her father's (Deathstroke's) future. During this jaunt, Rose was able to project her astral form and inhabit the body of someone in the future (similar to her brother Jericho's ability).

In Terror Titans #1, Rose had been given an inhaler by Clock King to trigger her precognitive abilities. Therefore, she can use them pretty much at will. In Terror Titans #2, Rose suggested to Clock King that she could see as far as weeks into the future possibly implying that soon her precognitive skills will develop into even more. Though at the end of her backup feature, Rose seems to have abandoned the inhalers.

*Unarmed Combat* Rose is a skilled martial arts expert, having trained under her mother from a young age and Deathstroke later on, with enhanced agility, speed, strength and endurance thanks to the same serum Deathstroke was given, however Rose's mind was also affected by the serum, making her more easy to manage. The combination of precog and superhuman body leaves Rose a force to be reckoned with as she has proven a worthy challenge to people such as Cassandra Cain. Also Rose herself considered herself skilled enough to challenge the New God Big Barda, though the fight did not resolve.

*Weapon Master* She is also very skilled in the use of a bo staff and dual wielding swords, though it seems to matter little what weapon you give her as chances seem to be that she can use it.

*Enhanced Attributes* Rose was given the same serum as her father, essentially turning her into a super soldier. Her strength, speed, reflexes, durability, healing, etc. all surpass peak human levels. These attributes appear to be even greater in the New 52 reboot so far. Combined with her skill and precognition, this turns her into a true force to be reckoned with.

- Enhanced Speed: Ability to run at speeds of up to 30mph and long distances far out-performing any Olympic athlete.
- Enhanced Strength: Ravager possesses a similar strength increase as her father; she can press approximately 1100 lbs - ten times her own body weight.

*Power Dampening* In the New 52 universe, Rose's metagene causes her to dampen and reduce another person's invulnerability, and possibly other traits such as super strength. This allows her to do damage to people such as Majestic and Superboy.

*Psionics* In the New 52, Rose has possible psionic abilities. She was shown in one instance as speaking "psionically" (telepathically), to Caitlin Fairchild.

*Immunity to Mind Control/Body Possession* In the New 52, Rose was show as being completely immune to Jericho's ability to possess bodies and control people's minds.


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