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You don't need to know anything about me besides I don't ask for donations and I don't give them out. I'm not a charity. Also, I will report any weird looking PMs because I don't want to be hacked. online love is personality quizzes (with detailed results!), as you will see below. Try to figure out my personality by looking at that stuff, and check some of them out because they're fun and interesting to me.


How Rare Is Your Personality?

Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense.

Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.


What's Your Personality Type?

You are calm and collected, even in the most difficult of situations.
A person of action and self-direction, you love being independent.
You seem impulsive, surprising, and unpredictable to outsiders.
You are good at understanding how all things work, except for people.

In love, you tend to be very easy going and flexible.
The only thing you can't stand for is someone trying to change you or your life.

At work, you can stay completely calm under pressure. You handle stress well.
You would make an excellent pilot, forensic pathologist, or athlete.

How you see yourself: Logical, flexible, and unconventional

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Indecisive, flippant, and disrespectful


The Luxury Test

For you, luxury is all about indulging. It's about having something outside the ordinary that you normally couldn't afford.
You are attracted toward 'shiny' things, but only when they are of the highest quality. You have exquisite taste.

If you had all the money in the world, you would probably hit the stores first. You'd buy yourself a first class wardrobe.
And while you may not be a billionaire now, you still like to window shop and save up for the occasional designer item.

You have an eye for what looks good. You could parlay that eye into a career in fashion or design.
If you can't afford to buy the best for yourself, you may be able to get rich buying it or designing it for someone else!


What Sign is Your Brain?

Your Brain is a Pisces.

Your style of thinking is very intuitive and subconscious. In fact, you tend to be unaware of your own processes.
You see the interconnectedness of the world more than most people. Your conclusions come from a lot of depth and synthesis.

You don't think you have all the answers or that you can control what happens. You are the furthest thing possible from a know-it-all.
You simply do your best to try to understand the world and people around you, without fear or judgment.


What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

You are fair-minded and a tough cookie. You have a strong sense of right and wrong.
Friendship and loyalty are important to you. Once someone is in your circle, you will be true to them for life.

Topaz is said to bring sanity and healing. You bring moderation and balanced to this immoderate, unbalanced world.
You know how to put everything in perspective. You avoid the drama of everyday life and save your strength for what really matters.

You go best with aquamarine. There's an immediate, deep connection between you and aquamarine. You get each other without having to say a thing.
You clash with diamond. Too many demands, too much drama. Even five minutes with this diamonds gives you a headache.


Do You Respect Yourself?

You Sometimes Respect Yourself

You're pretty convinced that self-respect is a good thing, and it's something you try to practice as much as you can.
However, the key word is 'practice'... you don't have self-respect down to a science yet. You're still just beginning this journey.

First of all, don't beat yourself up for this result. You are doing great - just remember to keep taking care of and believe in yourself.
Love yourself, and treat yourself like someone you love. Don't let anyone or anything get you down. That's all you need for a little more self-respect.


What Scent Are You?

Your Scent is Classic and Sophisticated

You are timeless in every way, and that includes your scent. You always smell good.
The scents you choose tend to be appropriate to the occasion and strong - but not overwhelming.

You carry yourself with grace and class. You are dazzling and different enough to make an impression.
The scents that fit you best are white pepper, musk, and honeysuckle.

What Lunar Phase Are You?

You Are the Waning Moon

You are most aligned with the waning moon which represents reflection and cleansing.
You enjoy spending a good deal of time alone. You like to spend a lot of time thinking.

You are independent, iconoclastic, and countercultural. You won't except the status quo.
You're rational when things are chaotic, and for you, reason always prevails.

What's Your Spirit Animal?

You Are the Crow

Like a crow, you are a mysterious and sometimes powerful force. People even wonder if you have a little magic up your sleeve.
You may or may not believe in special powers, but you are attracted to the darker side of life. You are fascinated with the unknown.

You are a big believer in destiny. Personal transformation doesn't frighten you - it's getting you closer to your fate.
You are intelligent and perceptive. You are ready to leap forward and take a risk when the time is right.

You are flexible and adaptable. You will gladly change to survive in this world ... You are easily remade.
You are mischievous and even a bit of a trickster. People know that you're manipulative, but they still come back for more.

What's Your Soul's Secret?

Your Imagination is Your Soul's Secret

People may think they know you, but they have no idea. There's so much going on in that head of yours.
You have deep dreams and aspirations. And you rarely share them with others. You've got your own inner world going on.

You keep your imagination a secret because it is special to you. Having people know about it would ruin it.
Your thoughts and ideas are your sanctuary. Keeping them private is key to making them a refuge.

If your imagination was less of a secret, you'd be surprised how receptive others are to your fantasies.
You have the makings of a great writer or artist. The things you conjure up would appeal to many... not just you.


What Flavor Milkshake Are You?

You Are a Banana Milkshake

You are happy to go your own way in life. You've always felt a little different from everyone else.
You are content to have your own thing going on... you just don't like getting attention for it!

You love variety and new experiences. You are quite creative and experimental.
You believe that there is a lot to still be discovered in this world, and you're hoping to find some of it.


Are You Rain or Snow?

You Are Rain

You are dark and dramatic. You tend to be a bit over the top.
You have strong emotions and they can change quickly. You are tempestuous.

You are wild and unpredictable. You tend to overwhelm and surprise people.
While you are aggressive, you are also a homebody. You don't really care for physical activities.


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"Happiness: an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another."
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