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Xx_Skky_xX Report | 12/09/2010 9:05 pm
hey, how you been? its been a long time. so what you been up to.
anywho, just wanted to say hi.
Kaya Valentine Report | 10/29/2010 1:21 pm
Kaya Valentine
scuppers is sooooo cute... one second how about this.... : D better?
Kaya Valentine Report | 10/29/2010 1:10 pm
Kaya Valentine
good lord

see I'm sooooo obviously the candy goddess cuz I even have a lollipop in my halloween avi ;D

you need a bishie
Kaya Valentine Report | 10/29/2010 12:59 pm
Kaya Valentine
Ronni is....

Kaya Valentine Report | 08/18/2010 6:03 am
Kaya Valentine
psst... looking at your avi made me want to revert back to my rainbow hair again xD haha
sweet avi ... like my pun there :]
Kaya Valentine Report | 05/28/2010 9:48 am
Kaya Valentine
I suddenly thought... I've lost the grand list that we never quite finished (I don't think it's possible to finish to be honest) but but but! I think you might have it somewhere on your commy so I'm ordering you, yes ordering cuz it sounds cooler, to look for it on your commy so we might add more to the mighty list biggrin
Kaya Valentine Report | 05/21/2010 3:24 pm
Kaya Valentine
LMFAO I just went on your old account by accident and was like WTF IS GOING ON YOU'RE NAKED XD

just thought I'd let you know :')
Kaya Valentine Report | 03/31/2010 2:27 am
Kaya Valentine
nah this is like before they were taken over by kraft, besides... kraft won't really change the recipe cuz everyone loves cadburys chocolate haha
you fail :]

I have like four different books I wanna write aswell @_@
oh and I have a Hitachiin one ongoing if you'd like to read that one? I'm updating it as often as I can and I plan on going through like the story of OHSHC aswell haha which means it will be veryyyy long but fun too and I really want to write loads more of it during the easter holidays which will be good biggrin

After I've paid everything off of course xD

That was pretty funny xD I can't believe he walks better in heels than I do @_@
Kaya Valentine Report | 03/30/2010 9:11 am
Kaya Valentine
LOL! Funny stuff! XD
my god though! It would've been a bit more visable if you said that you thought he was attractive when he actually looked like a guy xD hahahaha
dearie me girl....guy...bear

oh dear.
ahhhhh I want to write like allll the time but I never get around to it anymore :/ plus I really fancy doing some little chibi pencil sketches to sell on gaia... but everyone wants CG now... but my tablet is brokem ;A;
I think I'm gonna have to get a new one soon
*sips hot chocolate*
damn this s**t is gooood (tescos own tastes better than the cadburys) LOL
fail much?

Kaya Valentine Report | 03/28/2010 12:32 pm
Kaya Valentine
Ronni Ronni Ronni
last night was crazy @_@ you were walking around like a spaceman I hope you know (emphasis on the man part)
haha, and Steviie xD christ on a bike he was everywhere haha

oh and yea, we are now obviously twins cuz I've made my avi all amazing and I actually really like it XD murhur

feel the love



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