Running with scissors

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I'm a 20-something LARPer chick from PA, who is also a CMA and currently studying to become a Physician's Assistant.
Some of my favorite hobbies include: Leather crafting my own armor and accessories, jewelry design/making, drawing, prop making, and crafting in general.

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RP. Table-top Gaming . LARP
The PA Renaissance Faire
Werewolves . SFX(gore) make-up . Zombies
Cosplay . Anime Conventions . Photography
L4D . DDO . TF2
Power Attacking for 4



Animal Abusers . Art Thieves . Assholes
Blueberries . Nasal Spray . Flying Stinging Insects
Rolling a Natural 1

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Avatar art and OC artwork gets me hot and bothered. I love and appreciate ALL artwork that comes my way - commissioned or gifted.