I'm 16
I'm a GIRL (this is my mule account)
I like: hugs,friends, Anime, drawing, band, mtv

I don't like: jello, stupid people, mean people, Racists People, when i can never find two of the same socks.

Books: Harry potter, outsiders, the little princess, Cirque Du Freak, all stephon king books, judy blume, animorphs, Guardians of Time exc......

Music: Gorillaz, linkin park, taking back sunday, all american rejects, green day, weezer, yellow card, Gwen stephani , Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, 3 Doors Down,
AFI,The Yeah Yeah Yeahs,husky rescue,Yellowcard,HIM,
My Chemical Romance, Panic at the disco,The Killers,TakingBackSunday,Weezer,GreenDay,The Gorillaz,System of a down,Fall Out Boy, My chemical romance, Beyonce, Dem Franchize Boyz,Black Eyed Peas, Faith Hill, Young Jeezy, D4L, Eminem, Mariah Carey exc....

Tv/Anime:charmed, Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo, Full Metal Alchemist, Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy, buffy, Next, What Not to Wear, room raiders, cowboy bebop, gun grave, gundam wing, outlaw star, tenchi, Rurouni Kenshin exc...

Movies: 2fast2furious, Pirates of the carribean, Harry Potter, Princess diaries, legally blonde, doom, narnia, american pie, four brothers, 13 ghost, batman begins,cruel intentions, mean girls, troy, secret window, school of rock, crash, x-men, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, underworld, matrix

Video Games: Sims2, halo, final fantasy, Chrono Cross, Castlevania, Dead or Alive, Devil May Cry, Phantasy Star, Kingdom Hearts, Ragnarok Online, resident evil, Zelda exc...


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Daydream Gimmick

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Daydream Gimmick

Dude our music is one and the same. XD

Harry Potter Rulez

And you avi looks like a crossdresser. That's okay 'cause usa a chick.

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Leve my friend alone!Punk in purple my....never mind..
Geschlechts Zerstorer

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Geschlechts Zerstorer

all your base are belong to us


my dream avie
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Im a girl <3