My name is Ashton, but you can call me Sadist or whatever nicknames you come up with. I'm eighteen and love literacy (if you can't tell from the way I type) and roleplaying, especially multi-para roleplays. I'm currently in two guilds, and you can usually find me on one or the other. I also do avatar art and am wanting to write a book, but I'm not sure if I should post it online or not. Hmm...

I am bisexual, so suck it. Current relationship status: Taken heart Loves him

I'm usually a pretty chill guy, but I can get argumentative at times, and I enjoy debating almost as much as I enjoy theatre. I am in my high school's theatre club and work at the movies, so I'm pretty in to the arts and such.

Message me. Get to know me. Become my friend. Or you can hate me--either way is fine. :3 Oh, and Moonshadow Umbreon is my sister. So if you mess with her, be prepared to face my Intranet wrath. D:<

Currently Questing: Nothing

Avatar Art
> Dani_Cat18 and Romantic Sadist by Romantic Sadist
> Romantic Sadist (Chibi Headshot) by Vanillabot
> Romantic Sadist (Headshot) by I Noctis I
> Romantic Sadist (Headshot) by x -- Rodrik James Zire
> Moonshadow Umbreon and Romantic Sadist by Romantic Sadist
> Romantic Sadist and Pikachu by Sable Monarch
> Sable Monarch and Romantic Sadist by Sable Monarch
> Sable Monarch, Moonshadow Umbreon, and Romantic Sadist by Sable Monarch

Favorite Quotes:
> "I didn't know I had hips until I was twenty. You're ahead of the game." -- Mr. Dyson, the theatre teacher
> "Wyatt! Your saliva was found on the jingle bells! Wait..." -- Dyson again at Improv Night