Hello, my name is Nika. Currently a residence of Ga. I love the color purple and I'm an animal person. Going to be a coroner, as my profession in college. Grew up as a snow child and I love it. I wouldn't want anything else. Feel free to ask what you desire for I am a person who fairly gets along with most.

I am single, just waiting to meet the right one. Been single all my life. Yep, never dated before.

My personality holds a lot of mystery, for I am an enigma. I usually won't talk much about myself, but I thought this was necessary. I don't give out other information that I haven't already. Anyway, I'm a dreamer. I dream big and weird thoughts about many things may come as surprise. I'm a deeper thinker and a hopeless romantic. Yes, I am. My zodiac sign is Pisces...

I'm guessing now you know why I'm that way. I one day want to travel around the world. I want to visit Alaska. Forever, Alaska... love you. Lol.
I am a roleplayer and I've been roleplaying since 2005. I am twenty years old, though I'm told that I look waaaay younger. Graduated from the school of law and criminal justice, so I know my rights, dammit. Lol.

I am a sweet, innocent person, who enjoys a good laugh. I'm goofy, so it won't take much. I am adventurous and I love meeting new people. I love to write stories and poems and I enjoy playing video games... yep... I am a female gamer. What I like to play? That's a secret. I love watching anime and I have strong fetish of.... Yaoi. Yes, I love it. Can't help it.

I'm open minded in all that I do, and I'm allergic to boredom. Will lend a helping hand and I have this weird ability to understand the emotions of others. Whatever you're going through and you need a friend. I'm here!

This is Nika.....

Signing out....