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Name: Scott
Date of Birth: 07/19/87
Birthplace: New Jersey
Current Location: California
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: for now.
Height: 5'10 I think.
Heritage: German, English.
Piercings: None.
Tattoos: None


Band/Singer: Amy Lee ♥
Song: No favorite song.
Movie: I don't really have a favorite.
Disney Movie: Fox and the Hound or The Lion King
TV show: CSI, Mind Freak, Miami Ink, IFL Battlegrounds, AMW and so on.
Color: Dark Blue
Food: BBQ Ribs ♥
Pizza topping: Um..pepperoni of course.
Ice-Cream Flavor: Butter Pecan or Mint Chocolate Chip.
Drink (alcoholic): Im not sure.
Soda: Im not sure. =/ anything other than dr pep. or diet sodas
Store: Zumes, or Surf & Skate
Clothing Brand: Volcom
Shoe Brand: Etnies
Season: Fall and Winter
Month: October or November
Holiday/Festival: Halloween
Make-Up Item: Wtf?
Board game: Um...checkers?


Sunny or rainy: Rainy
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
Fruit or veggie: Fruit.
Night or day: Night.
Sour or sweet: Sour...or seet ok both.
Love or money: Money. =] and love.
Phone or in person: In person.
Looks or personality: Personality.
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Hot or cold: Cold!!!


Goal for this year: Make it through the summer.
Most missed memory: Annie. R.I.P. ♥
Best physical feature: I don't know. Maybe someone can tell me.
First thought waking up: "Ugh, school"
Hypothetical personality disorder: Im not sure.
Preferred type of plastic surgery: Um...I dont know? My face?
Most stupid remark: Clothes is made because no one wants to see my pee pee nor my chichis.
Greatest fear: Falling in love.
Strangest received gift: Lube and cuffs.
Worst habit: Biting my nails and clipping them afterwards.


Smoke: No
Drink: Soda
Curse: Yeah who doesnt?
Shower daily: Yeah
Like thunderstorms: Heck yes
Dance in the rain: I have and I will
Sing: Yeah...sometiems
Play an instrument: Yeah
Get along with your parents: Somewhat
Wish on stars: No not really
Believe in fate: I do not understand the concept haha so no.
Believe in love at first sight: I didddd but now I don't know.


Drive: No s**t ********
Sew: Now that I cannot do.
Cook: Yeah...a little and still learning.
Speak another language: Yes.
Dance: Yeah but not good.
Sing: No I can't but I do it anyways.
Touch your nose with your tongue: No
Whistle: Yes
Curl your tongue: Yes


Been Drunk: No..I don't drink
Been Stoned/High: the past.
Eaten Sushi: I think it's gross.
Been in Love: Yeah
Skipped school: Haha, yeah a lot until the coach said something.
Made prank calls: Hah, hell yeah. Fun stuff.
Sent someone a love letter: Hah, yeah. I have.
Stolen something: Yeah
Cried yourself to sleep: Yeah somewhat.


What annoys you most in a person? When they lie or talk behind your back or act fake.
Are you right or left handed? Right handed.
What is your bedtime? Whenever I want.
Name three things you can't live without: My heart, brain and air.
What is the color of your room? Dark Blue
Do you have any siblings? Yeah, I do.
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? May for 200 million.
What is you middle name? Tyler.
What are you nicknames? Scottie
Are you for or against gay marriage? Im for it.
What are your thoughts on abortion? I think it's wrong to kill life off an infant. They should be able to live so abortions are a no no for me. But then again every woman has a choice. Life or Death.
Do you have a crush on anyone? No, well yeah but they don't count.
Are you afraid of the dark? Haha, no.
How do you want to die? In my sleep.
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Yeah, I would.
What is the last law you've broken? Today, speeding and making a U turn where I wasn't suppose to. Am I getting in trouble for this? I hope not.


Hair color: Blonde or Brunette
Eye color: Anything as as long as they're beautiful
Height: Maybe 5'4 - 5'9 def better not be taller than me.
Most important physical feature: Eyes, lips, smile.
Biggest turn-offs: Liars, cheaters, smoker, ugly teeth, unsanitary finger nails, long nails, HUGE boobs, flat butts, ugly feet, belly piercings (on some), tongue rings, and the list goes on.


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fiveoclockangel Report | 07/18/2009 6:24 am
happy early b-day
Goddess of Elementa Report | 07/18/2009 6:18 am
Goddess of Elementa
happy early b-day ^^
-X-iNfaMoUsAii-X- Report | 08/01/2008 6:34 pm
thanks for the appreciation =D

hows your summer doing??

moving along smoothly??
Invesco Report | 07/29/2008 12:08 pm
ya i no thats why i said hey
Invesco Report | 07/28/2008 4:41 pm
hey man
-X-iNfaMoUsAii-X- Report | 07/26/2008 8:09 pm
i know that im clearly late to wish you a happy birthday

but i do sincerely want to wish you a be-lated birthday wish



it has been awhile since i got to speak to you

i hope everything is going for the best and your watching over yourself

inyerrbed Report | 07/19/2008 8:04 pm
Hey Scott!!!

Happy birthday my love!

<3 =)
sweet-cheeks94 Report | 07/18/2008 6:55 pm
happy b-day 2 yu!

happy b-day 2 yu!

happy b-daydear yu!!

happy b-day 2 yu!
oo-Maya-Revolution-Oo Report | 07/18/2008 8:12 am
happy birthday
vincenttruelove1 Report | 07/18/2008 8:10 am
Happy b-day!

lots o' love on your b-day!!




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