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Name: Rockkit, Rockpaw, Rocktail

Age: From birth to 1 year and six moons

Pelt: Calico

Eyes: Blue

Mother: Brightpool

Father: Lionstar

Siblings: Rainbelly, Spottedfire

Other kin: Drizzlepaw, Sleetpaw, Windpaw, Nightpaw (Niece and nephews through Rainbelly) Poppypaw, Flickerpaw, Dustpaw (Nieces and nephew through Spottedfire)

Best friend: Leopardpelt

Metor: Duskwhisker

Apprentice: Copperpaw

Mate: Blazeheart (Once ShadowClan, now ThunderClan)

Kits: Emberkit and Iriskit

Other things...

Was cat-napped by Twolegs as a kit and ecaped three days later with the help of Silverflower (then Silverpaw).

Was the one who made Ashpelt realize his undying love for Spottedfire.

Was the one who helped Spottedfire realize she was not cut out to be a medicine cat by getting seriously hurt.

Nearly died in a fire. Blazeheart saved her.

Is the youngest of the three kits of Lionstar and Brightpool.

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