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Basic Info:
Nicknames: Wolfie, Rocker, White chocolate (Only one person is permitted to call me this and, he knows who he is <-< wink ,Rockie Though it's not my fave nickname D: My real name is for few to know and, for many to not find out XD
Stats: I am now 23 years of age, my birthday is on February 2nd.
I am straight as a pin (Sorry ladies) Although I do have a love and her name is Mattie <3 I just lovee her but, as like..a super amazing best friend who i sometimes tease and make blush lol

Family: I am unevenly stuck in the middle of three brothers. Two are older one is younger. Two still live at home, the other lives with his girlfriend. My parents both work, dad is ex air force and now works as a police officer ^-^ I am very proud of him. Mom works in a check printing factory, she is my hero and, we both look very very alike. People ask all the time if we are twins or sisters lol

Personality: Well usually I am very loving, kind and gentle to just about everyone. I'm really tender hearted and if something upsets me you will know lol. I love my friends and family with all I have! I'm not tough but, I am protective of my loved ones and friends. So..don't mess with anyone on my list or on my page or I will harm you! D:< On the flip side in real life I tend to be, truthfully a bit of a pushover and, get hurt quiet often because I give people too many chances to redeem themselves. I'm really quiet and shy when I first meet people and, don't get along well with most girls. Sorry but, it's true! XD
Since a young age I have found it ten million times easier to talk to guys and, be friends with them. They are simpler (not in a bad way guys xD) And who doesn't want a nice hug from a guy, even if he's your friend. If you make me upset I might not talk to you for a bit..it's just better because I don't want to say things to make it worse.

Blue and I <3
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Mattie and I <33 Love youuu
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Art Drawn by my Mattie luff <3
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Myself as male and female o . 0
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One of my old avis <3
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Art bought by me for 3 of my sexy men <33 Happy b-day
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Art bought for Yan sexy man #4
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Art of me when avi was male
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Bought for Rune
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Art bought for Harry <3
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Art Bought for Mattie! Happy b-day <333 I love my Mattie!
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I'm Addicted to:
Art! I really want art!
B/C Pets <3
Yaoi, man sex *cough cough* you get the picture right? I'm not one of the psycho fan girls though
Roleplaying! I am in so many rps it's not even funny. I just love roleplaying and, have about five-six years experience doing so. I am semi lit to almost adv lit but, I can't pull out more then 5 paragraphs most of the time.
Sunflowers = love
Gaia- uh..this is self explanatory
Music~ I love hearing new songs or different beats I'll listen to almost anything
Pokemon- I grew up with three brothers okay? XD It was either play pokemon or play alone. I actually ended up loving it though.
Poetry! I both enjoy writing it and, reading it <3

More later?

I hate:
I really really hate when two friends of mine fight either in real life or on gaia. It makes me very sad..I can't choose sides either but, sometimes I get so caught up in things that I have to.

Getting hurt: This is why my profile was once private. If you don't wanna look at my face then don't! If you don't like the way I look oh well, there is not much I can do about it lol. I bruise easily irl. I tend to get hurt often..I'm accident prone. I burn my hands when cooking, trip or drop heavy objects on my foot etc

Crying: Ugh..enough said..i cry far too easily and, too much. I'm so sensitive though..people say it's a good thing but, I don't agree much.

People who cuss all the time: I just hate listening to it..if you can't think of something else to say you must not be thinking very hard. I myself didn't cuss for the first time till I was 17 but, thats cause my parents are supreme people who won't tolerate bad language in their house.

Homophobic people. Yes darn it I'm straight and, yes as some of you do not know I am a christian raised girl but, I hate when my parents and family bash gays/bisexuals. Since most of my closets friends in both real life and on gaia are either bi sexual or gay. They have no idea how I feel and I really don't wanna tell them cause I like having somewhere to live
I don't know..but, I do love everyone unless they treat me or those I love badly. Other than that you could be purple with pink spots and two heads.. I honestly don't care.

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