aimee lee -my sister, my best friend, my beast mode buddy! violent j, and cookies monster. you make me laugh till i cry, i would do anything for you because i know you would do the same.

william russell- buggie, bubbie, and best friend; if i had a car i would kidnap you knowing we wouldnt get farther than the house down the street cause we would be crashed into the tree; lmao; never have u let me settle for anything i didnt deserve. your honestly the first person to get through my stubborn exterior... i look up to you and follow your lead... you keep me motivated and wanting to prove im something better in this world that just a girl... i love you with everything i have and always will(:

Andrew William Locke-
I fell for you in a target; i know that sounds gay! lol that day i realized you were mine and you were there to stay. when im in your arms i feel like nothing can hurt me. you make me happy and put a smile on my face. i hte being away from you. but soon ill see you. i love you, babyboyy. im forever yours;
Mrs.YG biggrin

Cory"kopple waffle" kopple biggrin - I love you big brother<3

Kaylynn leigh workman- these past few months we have grown close. i consider you so much like family now biggrin you have always been there for me when i needed someone to talk to or just someone to talk some sense into me. we've shared secrets and even fought just like sisters do. we may not be related by blood. but we act like it sometimes. i love your witty comments and that odd sense of humor that you have. i know that u have many goals and dreams u wish to achieve in life and no matter what ill always be there to help you succeed.


Im Ciera.
When i move. You move ( Just like that?)

i Hola muchachos ! ;D
been rockin this world since 95'
Singlee Pringlee(:
i love making people smile.
if i see someone unhappy I'm the one who wants to offer a hug.
even if i don't know them. ;D
i like having ridiculous conversations... (that noone understands)
I'm an OMEGA optimist and believe everything happens for a reason.
I watch a BUNCH of Movies.
Pixar and Miyazaki are great,
but you can also Give me a Trippy Movie to watch.
(Fight Club- The Matrix- Equilibrium...)
I love art
Modern Expressional Classic
I want to learn to Play beautiful piano
- Guns are retarded, Swords are dizzank.
I'm a very insecure and vain person.
If something isnt perfect for me I freak out,
I'm easily offended, and hold grudges
like Harry Potter holds his s**t in the books. (hehe)
i pretty much need eyeliner or ill explode
i love being outside;
sunshine is fabulous.
If you don't like me then get out of my page it's that easy :]
I lose trust and respect easily
If I have something to say I will say it to your face
I do judge people, but not by their looks, I judge by attitude.
Leave me Gnarly Comment!
/Cue the end credits/