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pro-social / anti-society

according to targeted-marketing algorithms that analyse our every moves, my interests include:

x x dog , skateboard, psychological horror (film)

x x asbestos, jazz, ghouls, banjo, tuesday

x x anthropology, punk rock in yugoslavia

x x bulbasaur, plastic pollution, cigarette, mushroom

use this information however you will



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kidsdodrugz Report | 10/04/2020 8:59 pm
80's goth stuff like The Cure, Joy Division etc. Hardcore bands are dope, Incendiary, Gouge Away. Right now i'm really into a band called The Republic of Wolves, but man if I tried to list all the music I like it would take forever.
kidsdodrugz Report | 10/04/2020 9:41 am
hello you have good music taste
PrinceJett Report | 09/25/2020 11:02 pm
Because I miss the good 'ol days 3nodding
clownfriend Report | 09/25/2020 3:36 am
<3 <3 thanks u !!!
Sagebomb Report | 09/24/2020 7:24 pm
Went for a hunt last night, didnt find anything new, which is usually one of the aims. May try again tonight, it was a bit wet yesterday and things may have been a bit more in hiding. You can see the most recent arthropods I have uploaded here though
Holmgeir Report | 09/23/2020 6:57 pm
NVM I can request to join.
Holmgeir Report | 09/23/2020 6:53 pm

Please send invite again. I accidentally clicked decline. ; ;
posthume Report | 09/20/2020 3:02 am
Yeah I was worried about the same thing and didn’t think I’d get it.
But I kept my nose ring in and didn’t cover up arm tattoos and surprisingly got it on the spot.

I used to love painting and playing music but both are purely therapeutic now. The pressure of going on little tours and not having financial stability just wasn’t for me.
I still act here and there but I gravitate towards the experimental. My main goal is finishing a screenplay ive been toying with the last 3 years and trying to finance filming.
posthume Report | 09/20/2020 2:46 am
I gravitate towards all kinds of local art scenes. Theater, film, music... I love it all and regardless of what city I’m in I try to throw myself into it.
I’m also working at a record store atm so I get the added perk of getting to listen to whatever I want
posthume Report | 09/20/2020 2:28 am
Hmmm favorite records are probably my Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! releases. Rarest ones I own are probably my Coconut Records’ Nighttiming picture disc or my first pressing comedy records— everything from Carlin to Pryor to Woody Allen. Oh and my first pressing Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique

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God ******** robbed me by giving me human blood when i deserve fruit punch

its like salad fork olympics in hereWILD manrainforest wild..... we full FERALeatin the salad with my hands

bodyslamming the display bug zapper at the garden center until the police are called

my brain space heating the whole apartment block cause im trying to run Organic Curvature Minecraft

if god made us in his image god is made of MEAT

only microbes r valid

I'm gonna kill the next ghost that comes into my room ... U wanna hang out u pay some ******** rent! Flickering around ... I'll ******** drink the bone marrow right out ur soggy skeleton! I will shotgun the ectoplasm right out the sorry ******** 60-count clearance sheets you pretend is a body. ******** off!!!/

hollow skeleton... no ghost is home... nobody live here... Nobody die.... flesh is just wallpaper.... Skin.... Bone.... Teeth...

I am worm on gods dirt farm?

left hand got a mean shake like it tryna come loosegod damn boogie pianist takin possession

if u dont want rat angels gnawing on ur flesh are you even a mango lolnon-fruit do not interact

have u gazed upon the Face of God? known its rotting visage? death becomes new life,. all the rancid, all the vile, in your putrid little soul...slowly,...decomposes. the mulch goes to the worms, who temper the earth for new harvest? the finer rot? to wine! sometimes we must drink and know the devil. i know his company too fondly

Cruel Ambrosia ! I know youTo drink again of the universe and Taste all but the Lingering Hunger

high fidelity ******** silence. thats what we listenin 2

if u were not a coward u would wear ur snacks in the front, out in the open, like a real warrior not concealed in the backpack like a treacherous weakling

worm have multiple heart because they are so full of love

the hamburger helper has Helped enough!!!and only now u help urself to the ham????hm..... makes u wonder.... perhaps...hamburger was hamburgled

it is one of the great dreams of my heart that there will one day be an great reconverted mall known as roomba park where all roombas will run free.... in peace & harmony

hummingbirds?green pinwheels on a mission

time is a big cheese wheel& we are going down coopers hill

I am ANTURAL leader not onluy natural but 100% organic gluten-free (gluten free is a lie i have impressive GLUTES & love bread)

what doesnt kill u DOEs make u stronger. pop TART have never killed me, so Pop TART GIves me stength

wake up early, if can try. drinkin coofee, you will die

cucumber is a reallyu hard word to sayit sounds like a month‘when s ur birtjday?“‘cucumber 2nd”just think about itOKAY