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Okay so I had this old about me here when I was really young and stupid and almost went blind reading at it considering I'm actually starting to care about this site again, ish.
So I'm very on and off here. I'm a weird person. I don't have many people I actually give a damn about, and I don't really click with anyone. I click with people, and pretty much everything the first time. Then that's it. I'm trying to understand why, because it's only recently started to upset me.
But yeah, basic stuff.
Born July 9, 1995.
I like playing guitar, reading for my own leisure (specifically), avatar the last air bender, learning about cool things, and listening to music. I don't have very much time on my hands to do these things, so that makes me sad. I usually come home from school at a 5:45 and then have hw and stuff. Am an honors/ap student. I want to be a teacher, and am mildly interested in the united nations. I would like to teach honors chemistry, honors biology, and maybe biochem. I ride an ambulance on wednesday nights from 6 - 10. I'm vice president of this thing called explorers, where we learn the basics of emt training and then ride on the ambulances with the professionals.
I was mildly sad while writing this, so if it was boring then that's why. And yeah.
I'm never sure of who I am, I change a lot. I constantly change and it really sucks. And well. yeah i guess that's it.


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Swine Soup Report | 05/13/2012 4:23 pm
I'm two days older than you. emotion_dowant
ioncewasafootlong Report | 02/29/2012 1:28 pm
Aww, that really sucks. :c Sorry to hear that buddy. Hopefully it'll get better. My thingy is untatou, lol.
ioncewasafootlong Report | 02/29/2012 1:16 pm
Well that stinks. :c What's not mixing too well? Yes, it sure does! ^^ We should add each other on Skype or Facebook or something.
ioncewasafootlong Report | 02/29/2012 1:05 pm
So then that's... half good to hear? Haha. Yeah, I was here off and on. I've been around more recently because I have stable internet access.
ioncewasafootlong Report | 02/29/2012 12:47 pm
Oh yeah, that happens to everyone on this website at some point I believe. But it's good to see you back! I always considered you one of my coolest online friends, now I feel like we barely know each other! I've changed a lot since we last spoke, I bet. : p But I've been really great! How about yourself? c:
ioncewasafootlong Report | 02/29/2012 6:18 am
Whoa whoa whoa! Hey stranger! :'D What's up?? Where did you go, man?!
Colored Lights Report | 02/25/2012 12:22 pm
Oh. Well nice cx
I like your avi by the way.
Colored Lights Report | 02/25/2012 12:11 pm
Oh, so you just came back recently? =P
Colored Lights Report | 02/24/2012 10:50 pm
Ehh... Pretty much on the whole time.
There was a couple months here and there that I wasn't on.
But I have too many awesome people on here to leave =P You??
Colored Lights Report | 02/24/2012 10:39 pm
Oh gosh... Me in my noobish days. sweatdrop
I was thinking it was 2009! But I thought that might be too early.
Guess not cx


I sceamed with desperate blame and passion: "You Let the f*cker get away!"