I am a recent college graduate with a BA of Science (majored in Environmental Studies) who is looking for work in wildlife conservation, habitat restoration, and/or working with animals at a zoo. I also have interest in cartooning and music. I play the clarinet, piano, contra bass and bass clarinet (although I am out of practice) and I created my own comic strip called "Fun With Otters" which I still have yet to post online.

I'm not sure if I would consider myself a hardcore anime fan but there are some shows I really like that happen to be anime. Those include Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One Piece, Naruto (I'd like it better if they weren't so addicted to filler and would get on with the plot), and maybe a few others I haven't thought of yet. While not a big fan of the anime, I am a pokemon fan who's into the video game and card game.

I also have a plot in mind for an anime/manga/fantasy book and a video game series in a different universe where you play as a cyborg cheetah xd I can go into detail if anyone is interested. Oh, and I got the name Roborocketchu from a giant robot I made up. His original origin came from when I mixed pokemon and digimon and decided he would be "Pikamon"'s mega form. Now I think he'll just be the result of a construction robot fused with an electromagnetic wall.

I will post my trainer card as soon as I figure out how.

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Nikko Usagi

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Nikko Usagi

I came...
I saw....
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Hi. smile

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I'm liking you page. Congrats on Graduating hopefully you'll get your dream job.