Hello and welcome to my page!

I am 11(secretly am)and i'm a drawing,working on drawing with the mouse(eh i suck at drawing sad ...),i also dance and pop/lock my bones biggrin
and i'm a gamer.

My Name is Jonathan!

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Needed To Inflict Items to Dream Avatar:
Electric Sparks
Super Powers
Super Powers
Dumplin McGibblet
Naruto Kunai
Cool Starter Ninja Gloves
Ninja Pants
Ninja Boots
Black Stripes Left Arm Tattoo
Wingding 2nd Gen (phase one)
Burned Apocaripped Scarf
Ancient Katana
Those Black 90s Gloves
Feet Wraps
Castaway Black Shirt
White Sport Vest
Kitsune Mask
Scar of the Warrior