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Heyy there.
its just me Allis
Holy s**t, it has been SO LONG D:
Sorry guys I forgot my password cause I'm just that smart x)
I have changed... ALOT
Love should not be judged on race or gender, age or looks, but for how deeply you feel for that person.
I have a few best friends. Bella, who has been through it all with me. I love her dearly and always will.
My cousin Chris, he has been there my whole life and I can always count on him.
I am also very close the my best friend Aspen, we both follow the Wicca religion, and witchcraft.
We use the earth to help aid and heal ourselves and other human beings. When the earth suffers, we suffer. When the earth is plentiful, we are plentiful. I am vegetarian, I have been for about a year and one half. I do not think it is wrong to eat meat, I just prefer to eat what comes from the earth.
I am super nice so don't be shy to talk (:

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meh dream avis :]
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Total Value: 701,158 Gold, 8,500 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Ace of Spades
Wingin Black Shoes
Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
Black Fur-Trimmed Underwear
Black Fur-Trimmed Bra
Demonic Mood Bubble
Demonic Anklets
Demonic Anklets
Demonic Pendant
Demonic Anklets

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Total Value: 452,678 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Imaginary Friend 6th Gen
Black Star Face Tattoo
Green Barcode Right Arm Tattoo
Cosmosis' Cape
Leviathan's Grace (Anklets)
Leviathan's Grace (Chest)
Leviathan's Grace (Gauntlets)

yes like me and matt have some random chats.. :]]
Sketchizt (7:18:06 PM): boooom
NamixxWave (7:19:07 PM): BANG!
Sketchizt (7:19:26 PM): :]
Sketchizt (7:20:37 PM): KABOOM
NamixxWave (7:20:42 PM): KABAND
NamixxWave (7:20:46 PM): KABANG**
Sketchizt (7:20:51 PM): BOOMBAM
NamixxWave (7:21:02 PM): BANGBAM
NamixxWave (7:21:48 PM): KABOOMBANGBAM!
Sketchizt (7:22:05 PM): BAMBOOMKAWHAMSHAM
NamixxWave (7:22:58 PM): Kaboomiboomiwoomishashoomi
Sketchizt (7:23:09 PM): bamwhamkaboombombwomb
NamixxWave (7:23:46 PM): kawambamboombangwangtangshang

Still an emo kidd ^^
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But not always wink
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No more brace face biggrin
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(I had a lollipop XD)

IM SOOOO gangster i have grills on my toes
(this was brought to u by Alice-and-Bella productions™ )


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Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/04/2010 8:48 pm

Jelly Glasses

I'm glad too. Now off to do fireworks like a bamf.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/04/2010 8:21 pm

Jelly Glasses

Yep. I'm pretty awesome there. High school sucks and so does everyone who goes there hahaaa.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/04/2010 2:02 pm

Jelly Glasses

I'm pretty good. Been going to college and getting hella in shape.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/03/2010 8:10 pm

Jelly Glasses

That's just kinda how life goes. ._.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/03/2010 8:07 pm

Jelly Glasses

Well anyone normal would have too.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 07/03/2010 7:54 pm

Jelly Glasses

Eh it's okay. I'm over it anyways.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 06/29/2010 1:39 pm

Jelly Glasses

Well I don't see why but alright. Don't worry, it's okay to be stupid sometimes.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 06/26/2010 4:31 pm

Jelly Glasses

So what's up? Why did you comment me?
Jelly Glasses

Report | 06/26/2010 4:19 pm

Jelly Glasses

Oh wow hahahaha.
Jelly Glasses

Report | 06/26/2010 4:03 pm

Jelly Glasses

Wait aren't you that Kim chick I tried dating?