suck it

i see u


whut whut in the butt

we've rendered ourselves powerless, and fortunate
the useless mend the fixed

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Oh, God, I just know I'm going to have weird a** vore dreams tonight.

The giantess Roh-Bynne, finally finds her prey, the valiant warrior, Vypir Ashe of the Hoary Wastelands. She seizes him with her giant, yet dainty hand. The warrior, without fear, plunges his ever-faithful sword in her palm, drawing blood. However, with her humongous stature, it was much like pricking your finger with a sewing needle, which only served to anger her further. She tightens her grip on him until she hears high-pitched screams and cracking in his chest. With his vision blurring and his other senses dulling with the excruciating pain, the last thing he sees before falling unconscious was the giantess giggling in deep-bass as she lowers him into her gaping maw.
Vypir Ashe awoke in a daze, he found himself surrounded by dripping ichor. He tried to pick himself up but his cracked ribs had another say in the matter. Literally finding himself in the belly of the Beast, his only salvation was to cut, slash, and stab his way out. He finds his sword at the other side of the belly. He crawls with all his might to it, but just as he tries to grab it, a load of strong digestive juices drops onto it, melting it almost instantly. Panic stricken, our valiant hero, tries to crawl to any exit possible, they are all cut of my the deadly acid. Surrounded at all sides, the last thing he sees before he is converted to healthy nutrients is a carving in the fleshy pink wall, "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

Dr. Valentine
if someone said to me

hey doc v
robynne choked to death on some formed meat from an irish stew last night

i'd grimace sternly

but inside my heart would break a little

i keep robynne in a cage
shes a fiesty little bird

pecks out ur eardrums etc
but if u feed her a grape........ idea

Emperor Pilaf
On Robynne's side she seems to be making some kind of hors d'ouevers from today's theme ingredient, I don't know if she'll have enough time to complete all 4-dishes she planned to create, but she's cooking up a storm! I've never seen such an approach on cooking chicken like this, she's using... Is that pine cones? and wait.... I think she's going to put a mixture of the pine cones, chicken and bread crumbs into the icecream machine for a desert. This is a masterful approach, I envy the judges who get to taste this wonderfully inventive dish.


better than ur face

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here we are, juggernaut~


jibber jabber

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