My name is Ro. I don't feel like telling you my real name. I'll give you a hint. It starts with 'none of your ******** business.'
Here's a bit about me. A while ago (recently) I was in the loony bin, for suicide attempt. I hated life, and still sort of do, but I've found an even balance at the moment. Why did I try to commit suicide? Because my boyfriend left me. I'll ******** kill you if you call me gay. I'm bisexual. And currently very happy with my boy toy. Don't ******** with me.
I was in the ward for over three months, and it was the second hardest time in my life. First was obviously when my boyfriend left me. I'm over him. I cried a lot, but my friends kept visiting me and tried to get me better. For a long time I felt like hell, but eventually I realized I wasn't going to be able to kill myself, and that life in the head-ward sucked a**. So I BSed my way to mental health and left that world behind. What am I like now?
Sadly not friends with the people who stuck by me during my hard times. They sided with my parents during a fight, which led to me walking out on everyone. I live with three other awesome people now. Gerrit, his girlfriend Jody, and good ol Tommy (who needs to put the booze down and get a ******** job). I dropped out of school in 08. Big deal. I'm smart enough now. I plan to get my GED in 2010 sometime.
I still hate my parents, don't tell me that they love me and did what was best for me. It's not true. They just couldn't deal with me.
If you want to know something, don't just sit on your a**. Ask me.

About Me If You Care...

Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128lbs. That's what it said last time I got on a scale. That was in December I think.
Favorite Veggie: Steamed Broccoli
Favorite Dessert: Creampuffs
Favorite Color: Blue/darkred & black
Favorite Book Series: Dresden Files
Favorite TV Show: I just channel surf whenever I can.
Favorite Dresden Files Character (In Book): Thomas
Favorite Dresden Files Character (TV): ...Harry or Morgan or Bob
Favorite Anime: Death Note
Favorite Character: Back to being Matsu-chan again.
Favorite Shinigami: Remu
Favorite Live Action Shinigami: Still Remu
Favorite Live Action Death Note Character: L
Most Pleased When Kira killed Character: Ray Penbar/Iwamatsu depending on whether you were watching Live Action or Anime.
Favorite Movie: *You mean besides the Death Note Live Action Movie?* Probably Matrix series
Favorite Manga Series: *Death Note isn't as exciting in the manga, so it loses to the following:* Rurouni Kenshin

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I like your vid on your profile... biggrin

Another 3 weeks until school starts here. Looking forward to it, if only because of JROTC... razz I really need school.

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Eeh. I guess.

Older. XDDD That's funny. I thought you were a bit younger though.

I keep my eyes open, and my mouth running. I may get in trouble sometime, but I can figure out stuff pretty quick. I guess all I can do is cross my fingers, and take my finger off the big, red, tempting button. biggrin .

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I'm a girl... Maybe I act more mature. XD I'm 15... XDDD

My uncle that *used* to live with us was kinda hobo-ish... But he's moved out. I've never met a drunk person before... I'm not really sheltered, but people in my house don't drink. No one around me drinks, and I've never been drunk myself. I'm kinda worried I won't notice somene is drunk until something bad happens... razz Well, I've known plenty of people that smoked, in any case. biggrin

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I'm waiting for college and roomates myself. Not until I'm 17. biggrin

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Not a big deal. How you been doing?

(I know that ral life always comes first... Btw, I'll be a Junior next year. biggrin )

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You're not alive as often?

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Hey! You still alive?

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ya ur parents DID do it 4 the best nd im doing good. how bout chu? =]



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