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loki Fallen Report | 06/25/2011 11:04 am
this is my new signutur of riza chan what do u think
User Image
loki Fallen Report | 06/16/2011 3:25 pm
i finally found u riza xd xd xd
love ur avi
l General Mustang l Report | 06/04/2011 3:27 pm
hi 1st Lt Riza
iLadder goat Report | 04/19/2011 2:20 pm
blaugh no problem
iLadder goat Report | 04/19/2011 6:55 am
nice avi
heygirlheyyy101 Report | 04/15/2011 9:08 pm
      Thank you so much. I worked really hard on it.

X-The Devil In Prada-X Report | 03/16/2011 1:04 pm
Hai There~ haha,
I have a question for you.
How do you wear more than one item of the loyal jay at the same time.?
I can't get it to work .
iNozomu Ezomori Report | 10/19/2010 9:45 am
Happy birthday.
d- -b Demi-chan d- -b Report | 08/30/2010 10:41 pm
wazzp?? just wanted to say hi ^^ posting a comment on every one of my friends profile ^^
SoCrazyForJesus Report | 08/25/2010 3:44 pm
awesome! yeah, it's my Junior year


Always in search of an FMA roleplay.
Private message me for details (:



< < R I Z A H A W K E Y E > >

"I guess I consider myself to be a pretty quiet person. I give my opinion, but I will fight for what I love. There aren't too many that I choose to trust, but I don't expect everyone to trust me either.
My strength on the battlefield is firearms. I like that I don't have to feel my victim die... As if you do with a sword. I didn't like taking lives of innocent people during the war, but I will follow the one that I promised to protect no matter where it leads me.
Over the years I've tried to allow myself to be happier, and I believe I'm doing an alright job, but nothing will ever erase those memories. The friends that I do have mean the absolute world to me, and I'd do anything for them."

Erm... I realize my profile may be not in line... But that's only because you're not using Firefox browser. That's what I'm using and it shows up fine (: Sooo, just saying.

I like to draw a lot. I don't have a lot up, but if you want to look, here's my DeviantArt page. I'd love to draw you something if you just ask (: But I'll be honest, it may take me a while. I seem to very slow about these things... :/

Hey!! Okay, so up above is sort of for my cosplay. I have an account that I do other stuff with. If you ever want to roleplay FMA/ FMA:brotherhood, you can PM either account. I'm always up for those (: I like pairings a lot. I want a RoyxRiza sometime... But if you want to contact or friend my other accout, it's: guitar_sticker. Anything about me is there, okay? Thanks!

Also, you can follow me on Tumblr: Rizahawkeye92

I know that you want to help me with this :3

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Total Value: 7,061,672 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Dede the Husky
Loyal Jay
Loyal Jay
Lyndexer's Journal 9th Gen.
Pearl Earrings
Vice Admiral's Midnight Black Boots

User Image
Total Value: 1,012,025 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Wild West Holster
Wingding (phase one)-- donated by Father Van Hohenheim <3
The Case of Pietro 2nd Gen.
The Case of Pietro 2nd Gen.
Vice Admiral's Midnight Black Boots
Gray Polar Expedition Barrier Pants
Marshmallow Puft Jacket

< < S C R E E N I E S > >

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o__O scary chicken....

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All of my awesome friends!! >:3

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xDD My little animal friends....

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Pepe le pew... You know I really don't know how to spell that ^__^;;;

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Cheshire.... Riza? xD

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Cheshire Cow!!! >D

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I'm pretty sure this just happened... It wasn't planned xD

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The dreaded truth or dare circle... o///o

< < F A N A R T > >

Thank you all so much :3

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xDD I love this!! Mommeh loves youuuu lolol