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Please send all order forms to me as a PM, not a profile comment. This makes it much simpler to send you your art when it is done.

Pricing depends partially on how complicated your avi is, and so please bear that in mind if you have a particularily cluttered avatar. Here are some rough estimates:
Head only: 5k
Head and Shoulders: 7k
Head and Torso: 15k
Full Body: 30k
Coloring: Not currently available (Soon to change!!)

What I need from You!! (AkA--this is an order form!)

1)Your name
2)A reference pic of your avi, or the one that you want me to draw.
3)What kind of drawing you want (Head only, full body, etc. Refer to above "Pricing" section)
4)How you want me to draw, ie chibi style, cute, sexy, scary, etc. Anything that I need to know when drawing your avi, this is where you need to tell me what it is. I am not responsible for information that you have not given me. For example, if you absolutely want your avi facing to the right, or sitting instead of standing, I need to know.

Upon reciept of your order, I will let you know how much your art will cost, and approximately how long it will take. Most art will take me about a week, but please do keep in mind that I have a life outside of Gaia that is depressingly prone to exploding. If something horrible happens, I promise to make every effort to let you know that there is a delay.

All finished avatar art will be posted in my journal after it has been delivered to serve as an example of my work. All avatar-creators will be credited for their creations--I only take credit for the actual artwork itself.

**All of the preceeding is subject to change, unless you have already contacted me and we have settled on a price.**


HUllo! I am 26 years old (physically) I live in the US (somewhere towards the middle) and I am a geek (nerd, dweeb, etc...). I love to read and roleplay, but am not very good with computers at all, which kinda takes away from my 'geek' factor. This is a problem I am trying to rectify. Musically, my taste lies somewhere in the 70's to 80's range--I do listen to current bands, just not as much. I am currently in college, trying to get my BA in English. What exactly I am going to DO with it is still up in the air....but oh well.

Personality-wise, I swing between the extremes of mildy easy-going and mildly frenetic. I also swing between being OCD-type organized and slobby. It seems like I get this huge burst of energy when trying to get something in order, and then completely lose interest in actually keeping it that way.

So...yeah...anyway.....Thats me! Pretty much, anyway. Feel free to say "hi", or not, whichever you prefer.

I do draw, and am currently taking comissions, so please PM me if you are interested. If you'd like a look at my work, take a look in my journal--I have put several things in there as examples, with more to come.


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Mercenaryx2070 Report | 02/05/2014 9:25 am
Ah yissss... Updated cat_neutral
Boesen Moo Report | 11/13/2013 10:21 pm
Boesen Moo
We shall dance the Dance of Life!
fReemade Ran Report | 11/10/2013 9:34 pm
fReemade Ran
Very classic and dramatic costume!
fReemade Ran Report | 03/01/2012 9:48 pm
fReemade Ran
Why thank you, nothin' like lookin' fancy and shootin' things!
Boesen Moo Report | 10/15/2011 10:25 pm
Boesen Moo
AH! Arachnid, kill it, kill it!
fReemade Ran Report | 03/31/2011 4:41 pm
fReemade Ran
Actually, the dog came into the room while the cat was on top of the pirate chest, trapping her. We made the dog lay on the floor by the bed, and the cat watched warily from the chest. And I have all my fingers!
fReemade Ran Report | 03/31/2011 4:34 pm
fReemade Ran
Why thank you! I'm super excited about it! And if you ever tell anyone, I'll kill the cat...
fReemade Ran Report | 04/08/2010 9:43 pm
fReemade Ran
Sounds like a good idea.
fReemade Ran Report | 01/01/2010 9:41 pm
fReemade Ran
Ooh, I likes your avatar.
Boesen Moo Report | 12/03/2009 1:12 pm
Boesen Moo
Nope, the system is about two years old, but I think it's just the AV cable, which is replaceble.

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