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Sislana Report | 07/25/2021 11:49 pm
Ahem, I'm excited to write with you again. (: That is all.

Scary Swizzlesticks Report | 08/25/2020 12:22 pm
"I'd definitely like to check it out biggrin
Scary Swizzlesticks Report | 08/24/2020 9:32 am
That status LOL I feel that
Roxanne_Aerovane Report | 08/06/2020 7:04 pm
Awww thank you!
Tishiomi Takeda Report | 07/31/2020 5:34 pm
Aww, Thank you Ristar! You’re so sweet 3nodding heart
Scary Swizzlesticks Report | 06/13/2020 6:25 pm
Lol Thank you!! :3
Scary Swizzlesticks Report | 02/09/2020 6:44 pm
Well, Thank you! biggrin
How've ya been?
Pierrot of St Germain Report | 01/31/2020 3:14 pm
Ohh what is that item of coins and gems ? , Nice one whee
Roxanne_Aerovane Report | 08/07/2019 3:44 pm
Awww thank you Ristar! That means a lot to me!
Scary Swizzlesticks Report | 06/14/2019 10:48 pm
Knowing me biggrin did and probably confused the other person as well with a reply of THANK YOU! LOL I shouldn't be allowed to type stuff in the dark

The ramblings of a silly woman....

It seems I have more time on my hands this go around so it's not a TON of time in between updates. biggrin Nothing new has happened in the life of Ms. Black. I am still in my hometown, comfortable now that I am no longer under my parents thumb. My husband works hard, my daughter is healthy, smart, and beautiful, and life really couldn't be better. I haven't made any new trips, thank the Gods, other than mini vacations and all that. Easy peasy for this lemon squeezy! smile

Now that the basics are out of the way, onto my favorite topic in the world: My loves. I am still married to the greatest man I have ever met. We are about to celebrate our four year wedding anniversary, and our seven year anniversary over all. I still don't know where the time has gone, or how I have managed to not only be lucky enough to have found him but to have been given the pleasure of standing by his side for as long as I have. There is no one in this whole world that I would rather be bonded to than my husband. His smart, clever, creative, and drop dead gorgeous. I am one lucky woman! Plus, he makes BEAUTIFUL babies! Our munchkin is now headlong into her third year on this little blue marble, and she has so much more sass than I ever thought such a small body could hold. She is just as sharp witted and sarcastic as her father, while still being kind, loving, and sensitive to what is going on around her. She is my shining star, my treasure, and, while it may be biased of me to say, the most beautiful little girl in the world! heart

Like I stated before, I live in California and I work in retail. It's not something I would like to have ended up at, but it's better than nothing. My most favorite job, though, is being a mother and a wife. My family is my everything and I honestly couldn't ask for more. Well, I could but not in my life. I wish I had more time to play on here and more partners to play with. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends on here but I am greedy. *Laughs* Which is kind of weird since I am a bit on the possessive side when it comes to those that I have grown close to on here. It's a fault, I know, but they all still love me anyway. <3

*Dances about* Let's see, is there anything more I could say?? Well, if you didn't already figure out, I love to write. Anything and everything that happens to me, I either write down or I turn it into a story plot I can put up here. I am also big on reading, and am rather picky about just what I do read. Right now, I am reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood Legacy series and I am loving every second of it. J.R. Ward is absolutely amazing when it comes to the written word, and has pulled me so far into the world of the Brothers that I fear I will never want to come out again. *Smiles* I am also an avid Nora Roberts reader as well. Her soft touch when it comes to love and romance was my first dip into the pool of paperback novels, and I will be forever grateful for her talents because without them I wouldn't have realized how much I enjoy writing myself. Yes, I know these two write mostly romance novels, and no I don't care what you think. I love the dark and erotic way J.R. writes her books, and the sweet and soft way Nora writes hers. I am also into Larissa Ione and anything else that has to do with the supernatural. Yes, I have read Twilight, and no I don't like the movies. Well, none of them but the last one. I have to say, it was the best of them all simply because of the cliffhanger ending.

Well, I think that is all there really is to me. Oh, I forgot one thing. My reason for being here. Like everyone else, I simply wish for some place to go where I can be judged on who I really am and not by what I look like. Here I am free to just be me. And I am loved for it as well, without doubt or retribution. So, to all of those that love me, I thank you and love you all dearly. You know who you are, my family of the heart. With that said I will take my leave, enjoy my little rant folks and drop me a line if you ever just want to play. *Grins and skips off.*


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