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Name: Phillip M. Ernsberger
My PSN account is Slvr_Stchd_Crow
Description: Well... I'm short...
Favorite way to dress? All black if possible.
Favorite outfit I can make with my current clothing? Jeans, my necklace, my a7x belt, and my broken glass A7X shirt
Jewelry? My class ring and the necklace my girlfriend made for me
Favorite music? Depends on my mood. When I'm sad I'll only listen to The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch, Unforgiven II/III or Nothing else Matters by Metallica other than that, just about anything else except black rap
Favorite band? Avenged Sevenfold and The Devil Wears Parada
Personality: Laid back whenever I can, but cereal when need be
Life style: Athletic I guess, love track and cross country OOOHHH I is also a gamer
True love? Does it even exist? After my first relationship I doubt it...
What I want to be? Poet, writer, white hat hacker, or a DRUMMER
Instrument of choice: Scythe... Oh you mean musical, Drumset
Relationship status: Single
Height and weight: 5'5" 120
Eye color: Brown
Hair type/color: Brown and curly T.T I wish I had straight hair instead of having to straighten it
Occupation: poet/writer/drummer/artist, i suck at all four though, and I probably won't make money off any of those
Website: www.hellhamersart.webs.com
Usual mood: happy with my spouts of sadness every once and a while
Orientation: Straight
Phrase: Why does humanity allow the generally hated to live and reproduce?
Political party: Republican
Another phrase: I knew Obama would fail
Favorite quote: "In the end we are all chalk lines on the concrete drawn only to be washed away, for the time that I've been given I am what I am"-Five Finger Death Punch, Never Enough.
Song of my life since may 14th, there is two: The bleeding and Gives you hell
Check this out:
Favorite song: Either Vermillion, Meet The Monster or wait and bleed
Ohhh almost forgot, that picture on top, I took it... I'm somewhat okay at photography but my friends kate and larissa are way better than me
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Total Value: 467,468 Gold
After Exclusions: 436,534 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Lunar Scythe
Archangel's Blade
Infernal Spirit
Dead Sexy Midnight Trousers
Elegant Black Satin Vest
Wed to Darkness

What Am I to society?
Nobody yet a somebody
A failure yet Successful
Hated but loved
Nothing but everything

Thoughts on love
No matter how far you run or where you hide, or what you want, Love always seems to find you, even against your will, Never give up, ever.
And sure, you may lose hope in love, but it is always there for you. Don't think negatively about love, it's always there for you. Your souldmate will find you.
Love is... Mysteroius, it gives me happiness, and yet it gives me sorrow, makes me miss others, and makes me want to be a certian someone
Love drives us to do crazy things... Just to get the one we "love" to go out with us... And yet love drives us to harm others, even unintentially, I hope I can find the one eventually. Hopefully when I get married, my wife is a hard core gamer chick, so she gets my obessesion over video games
One word to describe each emotion:
Love is mysterious
Hate is a desease
Happines is contagious
Sorrow is desructive
Anger is destructive
No emotion, well, it is no fun

And to the one who broke my heart:
So what if I wasn't so great? I guess I'm not as perfect as you thought I was. You gave me rules, expected me to follow them, then broke them yourself. And I'm the bad one?

Do any of you truly know what's like to be the most hated of your friends?
The one who never gets invited to anything?
The one who everyone tries not to hang out with
The one everyone can't stand more that an hour with?
The one always getting yelled at?
To be criticized for everything you do?
Having no one believe you and everyone lie to you?
Do you really?
Cause it feels like s**t



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aw, thankw! yeah, we do, huh?
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Ripper K Shadow

cool avi

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yes, you are, but far away. im just in one of my moods >P

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so, whos this girl u liek?! do i knows her? can i throw rice at your wedding? OwO

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but..i never clicked it...

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why is my name crossed out on teh profile? do you hate me now? OmO *hug*


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