So, I'm Chy. So you can call me Chy, Bunny or ChyBunny. Any of those are fine c:

I'm so terribly obsessed with Gabriel Reyes ❤

I'm 21, born in the middle of summer on July 23rd.

I'm bi-romantic and asexual meaning I'm romantically attracted to males and females, but sexually attracted to no one.
And please don't bother with 'Oh, you just need to have sex. Oh, you just don't understand.' Nah, ******** that. I understand sex completely, I'm just not one for It.

My life revolves around my little cousin. She is my entire world and my reason to live.

I love Iwaoi, Akaken, Bokuaka, Bokuroo, Kuroken, Rinharu, Souharu, Kisurin, Mchanzo, Reaper76, Victuuri. I love a lot, okay?

I'm single AF because I'm terrible.

I play Overwatch on Xbox One. I rp.

Want to know anything else, just ask c:

My sexuality is Iwa-chan's arms and Gabriel Reyes' thighs.

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