this will be my OC Rimeah's story-line for anyone who wants to roleplay with me, or just for me to get some feedback on what I'm writing. :3


konichiwa and hello<3
xbehind the screen;;
Name: Candace
Birthday: October 15
Gender: Female
Status: Taken <3
Likes: music{especially Journey and Rise Against}, drawing, making profiles, random conversations and ice cream. :3
Dislikes: text talk, people without manners, random friend requests, people who beg and anything spicy.

I've been on here for aboooout five years. I just can't get away. I'm about to enter my Senior year and I'm very excited to be heading off to college. I love taking photos and designing images on the computer, so I hop to do that in the future. I've also just gotten a job at a little store in the mall near my house so that's exciting! Also, I just opened up my own shop where I can make profiles, banners, buttons and other things for people that they can buy! So to the person that is reading this now, you should go visit it right now and take a look around!
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If you wanna know more about me, send me a PM and we can chit-chat. ORRRRR, send me a beautiful comment below.

this is my dream avitar that I really reeeeally want. ;3
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fall of the morning star
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prince of thieves
prince of thieves
scarlet rose
fall of the evening star
paradise lost
paradise lost
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