You may proceed with caution!

To die would be an awfully big adventure.

Hello! I have been on Gaia for 11 years. Feel free to harass me.

What am I you ask? Well I am a figment of your imagination my dear boy.
A flying unicorn!
I do exist!
What I am doesn't matter. Who I am does. I believe you should fall in love with someone for who they are not what gender they are. You are what you love not who loves you.
I am neurotic.
Even cranky at times.
I hate drama. I love music and books. I write some weird stuff. I like to travel and enjoy going to anime conventions.

Now if you've made it through this messy post and you still think I'm interesting feel free to talk to me. Though you probably have something psychologically wrong with you since I'm completely mental. Seriously I suck at human contact. Social anxiety. People creep me out bro.

Let's be mad together dear hatter?

I like Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Does everybody have a Cupcake?
I like talking about naughty things.
I like the color black.
I Like Hot Pink.
I Like Costumes.
I love, love, did I mention I love music.
I like dairy but it doesn't like me. Oh Ponyboy...
I want some candy. :]

Do you have candy? Why don't you have candy?

Grunny is addicted:
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Last Books Read:
Hunger Games
Water For Elephants
Warm Bodies
Perks Of Being A wallflower
The Hobbit
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Struck By Lightning By Chris Colfer
Percy Jackson & The Sea Of Monsters
Percy Jackson & The Curse of the Titans
Percy Jackson Battle of The Labyrinth.
Percy Jackson & The last Olympian
Catching Fire
Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero
Heroes of Olympus: Son Of Neptune
Heroes of Olympus: Mark Of Athena
Heroes of Olympus: House Of Hades
The Demigod Files
Odd Thomas
The Fault In Our Stars
The Demigod Diaries
Heroes of Olympus: Blood Of Olympus
The Vampire Diaries The Awakening
The Vampire Diaries The Struggle
If I Stay

Currently Reading:
Where She Went

Last Mangas Read:
Case Closed
Pet Shop Of Horrors

Started reading and threw back on the shelf:
Charlie St Cloud
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Yeah No!

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I love Buttons!

I am a button addict. First you must admit you have a problem. Then you must buy more buttons!

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Shut up Amber

Report | 01/13/2015 6:51 am

Shut up Amber

Ima harass you by saying Thanks for the purchase, yo!

Report | 10/19/2013 7:58 pm


Yuki Store

Town 2 APT 402, Durem 4353

Buyer: Rileys Chaos
Owner: II Yuuki_Chan II

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter's Hat:-------$39.00

Thanks For The Buy!
Hope To See You Again!
Trespassers Will Be Shot

Report | 10/19/2013 2:58 pm

Trespassers Will Be Shot

THE SONG ON YOUR PROFILE DOE!! heart heart heart Love PATD!

Report | 10/15/2013 9:30 pm


Your paddle comment made me snort really loudly, it actually woke up my cat xD THANK YOU FOR THAT!
Rose Villain

Report | 10/12/2013 10:59 pm

Rose Villain

♥· . · . . ·˙· : Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ : ·˙· . . · . ·♥

L o v e I s A D r e a m ♡

“ No fking way. Omfg ty ;_; ”

αɴd dreαмѕ αre ғorever, му ѕυηѕнιηє          

Head or Heart

Report | 10/12/2013 8:59 pm

Head or Heart

I accidentally included a bra in the trade.. I'm so sorry, that wasn't intentional. I'm on mobile and it's sooo hard to do anything. XC
vine leash

Report | 10/07/2013 4:05 pm

vine leash

In the interest of spreading the wealth a little more and giving others a chance, I'd like to ask you to not participate in the next two giveaway threads I'm about to create (which are also going to be my last two). redface

I'd like to commend you on your timing skills though. I'm good at timing three consecutive posts as well, but winning three of my threads in a row is a good streak haha.
I'm asking you to cease to participate in the next two since they're going to be prizes on the bigger side and you've already won my 3rd and 4th most expensive items I've given away today. 3nodding

hope you understand
wish you luck getting your nm minis!

Report | 09/29/2013 2:26 pm


Ah, i see o:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Report | 09/29/2013 2:14 pm


The thread isn't glitching, I just pisted a few min. ago. xD

Report | 09/05/2013 7:46 pm


xd LMAO Probably


Play with my inventory :]
You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You.
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