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20 / M / Tennessee

I didn't want to get rid of my old description of myself, but it's super old, so I moved it down. Here goes my new description.

If you've seen my gaian username, you obviously know that my name is Riley Fortune. This is my legal birth name. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, thanks for having enough interest in me to view my personal profile... or maybe you're just a stalker. Either way, I appreciate it.

I always see these depressing profiles on gaia. They always talk about how their lives are terrible or how they don't get what they want. What has happened to the old, happy, fun-filled gaia that I used to be a part of? But I'm here to tell you that I'm not like that! I like to consider myself a quite happy individual. I love everyone, regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. I'm a Christian and I love Jesus more than anything. If you don't like this fact, we simply won't be friends. You may be atheist, but don't speak of it to me. This is the fastest way to end a friendship with me. Talk about absolutely anything, but leave my God out of it. That aside, I also love to joke around. I make jokes all the time, I've been considered the guy who everyone loves to be around at any school or college I've attended. I'm friendly and I genuinely care for others. These are my life goals: to live happily, freely, religiously, and wealthy. Sounds nice, right?

I'm not too good around crowds, but I can deal if they're all friends. If they're strangers, get me outta there! I'm quite extroverted, bubbly, and love socialization, albeit I am quite shy in the first conversation I have with someone. I want knowing me personally to feel like a privilege rather than a burden, so if you don't like me or my attitude toward certain subjects, tell me about it! I want our friendship to be unrivaled!

So, considering this new information I have entrusted you all with, do you feel any closer to me? No? Well get to it! Love me! I sure do love you! Remember, your life is a gift, a privilege, don't let it go to waste, make someone smile! Brighten a day! LIVE! <3

(Old Info; still relevant)
Yo. My name is Riley. I'm just gonna list some random facts about me. So umm... I like chicks, I like video games, I love animals, I try to be nice to everyone, I have a great sense of humor, and most importantly, I love and serve Jesus Christ. I don't use curse words or dephile others, I try to be in God's image. I have Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS4, so ask me if you want my gamertag or ID for any of the three. I'm a country guy, so don't be surprised if I occasionally say y'all or howdy. I have very nice grammar and it really bugs me whenever someone uses incorrect grammar. I'm a nice guy and I usually trust anyone until the point of which they give me a reason not to trust. I like to read poetry sometimes and I love piano music. This world is getting worse and worse as we go along, so everyone be careful! Have fun with your life and take care of yourself, you only live once! Talk to me sometime, learn me before you judge or insult, and have a good life. Peace out.


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LivingSaviour Report | 03/26/2018 7:57 pm
(and also has one of the coolest names ever)
Riley Fortune!
hope you're well brother, the end of the semester is in sight.
LivingSaviour Report | 12/28/2017 1:00 am
Merry Christmas and Happy new year, go far and do great as always my dude!
Lord Gainz Report | 11/09/2017 11:37 pm
Lord Gainz
Hey bro, miss you
LivingSaviour Report | 08/20/2017 6:50 pm
He lives! lTl/
LivingSaviour Report | 07/29/2017 10:50 pm
the man, the myth, the legend!
Give it up for Riley Fortune!
Mama Okami Report | 06/21/2017 11:02 am
Mama Okami
Happy birthday hun! emotion_c8
Lumbee Wolf Lady Report | 06/18/2017 6:51 am
 Lumbee Wolf Lady
Happy B-day smile
LivingSaviour Report | 05/11/2017 1:47 am
and then God said "let there be summer vacation"
and this was good, really really good.
LivingSaviour Report | 03/04/2017 12:25 am
Hope you're doing well dude!
LivingSaviour Report | 01/27/2017 2:09 pm
yeah I started again too a few weeks ago, and I'm counting them down to when I'm done again lol.
only about another 11 weeks...
Once it gets below 10 I'm just going to consider it the final countdown...just a very SLOW countdown.
but yeah understandable I only get on every other day myself.

ily Stalkers <3

Quote aka Red
Lord Gainz