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Birthday: 01/24


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Erm...Not sure what to say...
If you really want to know about me, its best to ask a friend...I'm too shy... >.<

Username: Riku Lucifen, but call me Riku!
Real name: Clarence Sheldon Remington the 3rd. (....Suuuuuure...)
Age: Not getting this unless I can really trust you.
Sex: Male
Location: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Music: I just wander Youtube listening to whatever I find. xD
Like: Food, Sleep, and according to friends, Sharp Stuff. :3
Dislike: My fears, a LOT of people, blatant liars.... Prolly a lot of other stuff I can't think of too....
Fear: Needles, Dentists, Heights, Flying....The list is endless.... D:

I'm pretty shy, and my not talk much at first, but once you get to know me I can be hard to shut up~


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Glas Kriemhild Report | 01/28/2015 9:32 pm
Glas Kriemhild
Damn.. I'd go over there and smack your profs if I could and if I had the strength to. stressed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, TOO!! Sorry if I couldn't get you something or greet you in time gonk I'm questing really hard and I got shoved under a heap ton of work gonk
But after these I'll do my best to get you something! ;;
Ahh well those above are my rants xd Also, I feel shallow since I'm really obsessed over the Rabbitan item. xd I'm also weak physically and don't know if I'll ever be able to pass our judo class.
LOL! I don't play that because I'm too cowardly xd

How about you? Are you fine now? Or did the prof give you more headache?
Closed On Sunday Report | 01/25/2015 10:54 am
Closed On Sunday
20 is the new 40
Glas Kriemhild Report | 01/06/2015 1:15 am
Glas Kriemhild
I need help then. I get on everyday and stay for more than six hours?! gonk
Damn.. I wish you luck! gonk
I've been stressed lately uhgughuhg cry
Haha how is it? I haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
Glas Kriemhild Report | 01/03/2015 7:27 pm
Glas Kriemhild
Hey bro! How have you been? Have you heard about the latest Touhou game?
Glas Kriemhild Report | 11/11/2014 12:44 am
Glas Kriemhild
Hi! Sorry for not being able to reply to everyone on the thread, I got busy crying

Is it okay if I add you and we can continue chatting by comments instead? biggrin
Closed On Sunday Report | 03/21/2014 1:15 pm
Closed On Sunday
i have no clue wut u talkin bout boo
Closed On Sunday Report | 01/25/2014 1:54 pm
Closed On Sunday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
love ya kiss kiss
have an amazing day
Kay9214 Report | 01/23/2014 7:02 pm
*creeps onto profile, hiding lower body behind profile things, to see if you're still alive* ninja
Gold n Oranges Report | 12/14/2013 4:15 pm
Gold n Oranges
The app kinda sucks, honestly. No commenting no thread creation, doesn't have all your stuff if you change your clothes, bad forum navigation... at least, that's my opinion. biggrin

That's not fair! When one of our teachers leaves, we get a replacement! I've never actually had it happen though. He should just give you all 100% and call it good! It's his fault he's leaving, not yours (wait... did you guys give him a mental breakdown?)

Growing closer to friends is always good, whatever the other one(s) got going on, I hope they are able to come around and get their stuff together sad Stick close to the ones who aren't involved and be each others support system, be supportive of the ones involved but keep yourself at a distance if need be. Sometimes it's a fine line to walk when someone you care for is doing something you may not approve of. BELIEVE ME.... I know. sweatdrop

Flu is now over. I've been working in overdrive for the last week (my average when it's not the holidays is about 17 hrs a week. My hrs for last week was 28, my hrs for this upcoming week 32-48 ). I work 12-14 hours a day 5-7 days a week! It's absolute insanity! I love it!!!!!!! I went out with my buddy 'O' on Friday (it snowed here) I told him to laugh at me if I fall in the ice because otherwise I'll cry. Well, I fell he yells down the street at me about being ok or not. I start laughing, show him my not-bloody knee and carried on. He almost fell twice, once on a porch, once he face-planted the seat of his truck. No injuries so all is good. I hope I get to ride with him some more, we had so much fun, but that boy doesn't know how to sugar coat when he speaks.

My husky passed away on November 1. She was 13, we think the vet killed her with medications. She's waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge along with her black lab sister. Working at the shelter I knew of a dog that needed a home BADLY so I picked up Ginger an American Bulldog who has made herself right at home. There's no replacing my husky or my lab but I'd like to think they'd approve of Ginger.

We're having pizza next year, mom cooked all day and most of the night before for my family to show up for 15 minutes and go out holiday shopping because the stores were open. Angry. Very angry.

I'm starting to ramble (what's new?) and I'm sleepy. I get one day off this week and tomorrow starts 4 days of 14 hour shifts.
Gold n Oranges Report | 11/26/2013 7:36 pm
Gold n Oranges
I Gaia mostly from my phone now anyway so it takes me a while to get back to comments!

School is going well then, I take it. I've only got a few weeks left, doing courses online is so different! I didn't even realize my term was almost over! What is "arsed" (I'm reading it as arse-d ... or a**-d and I'm guessing that's not right)?

I'm well. Down with the flu at the moment. Still missing my husky and learning about the new bulldog . Thanksgiving is in a few days, I'm not cooking this year... the whole flu thing wink but I will be working 14 hours a day starting Sunday and going through the first part of January.... eek confused surprised sad not sure what to think of that yet.....

How goes it?



Amazing art by Len Inazuma!

RIP James Roberts. Thanks for being my friend. I will never forget you.