Hola mi amigos/amigas!
I am Mini-shinny!
I am a 18 year old Senior in high school.
I love to dance, play video games, go out on the town, have fun, draw, and learn new things.
Hmm... I can speak very little russian/italian, a little spanish, and a good amount of Japanese.
I hope to go into a career in video productions either doing music videos or working for Discovery/History/Animal Planet. If I am unable to make it into those fields I plan to go into 3D Animation/Game Design and end up working for Pixar or SquarEnix.
That's pretty much all I can think of now. Peace!

So here is an avatar I think is absolutely adorable that I would like to create on this account:

User Image
Total Value: 163,724 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Fausto's Bottle 5th gen.
DandiiDooDad Spore
Brown Bun-Bun Plushie
Lovely Genie Double Silver Earrings
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
Lovely Genie Silver Bangle Bracelets
Cary Brothers Shirt
Black Class Sock
Beat Slim Black Shoes
Brownie Basic Skirt

Ok now onto my OC's.
This is a continuation from the other list.
First up is Rikku Watanabe.
She is a goddess of darkness and counterpart to Melody Niyama.
goddess=left, normal =right

User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 2,100,311 Gold, Total Value: 5,080 Gold
6,000 Tickets
[Item Information][Item Information]

The next is the one this account is based off of.
Her name is Siena Cairo.
She is a goddess of Ground/Earth.
Her counterpart is Gaia Delio.
norm=left, goddess=right

User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 8,993 Gold Total Value: 335,002 Gold
[Item Information][Item Information]

This one is Gaia Delio.
She is also a goddess of earth/ground.
Her counterpart is Siena Cairo.
norm=left, goddess=right

User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 6,155 Gold Total Value: 286,117 Gold
[Item Information][Item Information]

Now next we have Asherah Smith.
Her middle name is Kari and that's what she usually goes by.
She is a goddess of ice/water.
Her counterpart is Adele Legard.
Unfortunately they didn't have the hair style i wanted.
She is supposed to have almost no bangs and big pigtails.
norm=left, goddess=right

User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 90,179,816 Gold Total Value: 124,113 Gold
[Item Information][Item Information]

This last and final one is Adele Legard.
She is also a goddess of water/ice and her counterpart is Asherah Smith.
On her hair though, she is supposed to have blonde streaks.
Her eyes are also a hazel color (which if you don't know, means 2 colors in the eye).
But oh well.
goddess=left, norm=right

User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 407,932 Gold Total Value: 13,324 Gold
[Item Information][Item Information]

in celebration of gaia's new japanese clothes (april '08 ), here they are again:

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
Total Value: 21,420 Gold Total Value: 22,380 Gold Total Value: 13,260 Gold, 550 Tickets
[Item Information][Item Information][Item Information]
User ImageUser Image
Total Value: 21,240 Gold, 7,500 Tickets Total Value: 8,520 Gold, 500 Tickets
[Item Information][Item Information]


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`Iya Melody. Do you read fanfiction by chance? User Image Also, after seeing that one desktop page of Nikki`s, I have a feeling she might enjoy Art and Artifice if I show it to her. By the way, what`s her Gaia Account name? And you can delete this comment if you so wish. X) Lol.

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like your page User Image

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