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        ×___a brief overview||starting with the basics.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Spira (click here for full view) is the world that Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 take place in. It is filled with many cities and lands with quite a bit of history and depth, and very different landscapes. From Yuna's birthplace, Besaid Island, to the desert on Bikanel Island, where the Home of the Al Bhed's was recently situated, to the Zanarkand Ruins, where the once-great city had been. These lands are populated with a variety of peoples, including Yevonites, Al Bhed, Guado, etc.

        ×___al bhed||a different sort of dictionary.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The Al Bhed are a people characterized by swirly green eyes, their strange language, and often their clothing style as well. They are famous for their work with machina, using it often, excavating ancient pieces and making them work again. Rikku herself is quite skilled working with machina. However, machina is forbidden by Yevon, and thought by its followers that the use of machina was what originally caused the creation of Sin. Because of this, the Al Bhed are hated by much of Spira, though, as Rikku points out to Wakka, there is no proof that machina-use was the reason for Sin's appearance. Nonetheless, they are prejudiced throughout Spira, and are forced to withdraw to Bikanel Island, a desert land, in the center of which they build Home, quite literally a home for the Al Bhed, as well as a sort of haven.

        In FFX-2, with the defeat of Sin, people realize that machina had nothing to do with Sin. The Al Bhed are now treated equally, and machina becomes widely used by Al Bhed and non-Al Bhed alike. Below is a key for the code-like Al Bhed language:
        English. ---> Al Bhed.
        A -> Y__________N -> H
        B -> P__________M -> S
        C -> L__________O -> U
        D -> T__________P -> B
        E -> A__________Q -> X
        F -> V__________R -> N
        G -> K__________S -> C
        H -> R__________T -> D
        I -> E__________U -> I
        J -> Z__________V -> J
        K -> G__________W -> F
        L -> M__________X -> Q
        Y -> O__________• • •

        ×___home||once upon a time.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Home is the haven the Al Bhed built in the middle of Bikanel Island's desert. For a time, it was a sole place of community for them, without the constant hate and prejudice of Yevonites for their machina use. Home was also the location of the summoner's sanctum, where all summoners the Al Bhed managed to kidnap to keep from completing their pilgrimages and sacrificing themselves were kept, and treated well. However, Home was attacked by the Guado, partly in spite, but also as they searched for Yuna. As the leader of the Al Bhed, Cid, Rikku's father, decided Home could not be saved, gathered all the survivors onto the airship Fahrenheit, and destroyed it. This was quite a blow to Rikku, and all the Al Bhed, and for one of the few times it occurs, her bright spirit is dimmed.

        ×___sin||the creator of havoc.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Sin is the mysterious force attacking and destroying things across Spira.The creature is whale-like in form, and attacks mostly from the water. It first came into being one thousand years before the start of FFX, during the great war between the cities Zanarkand and Bevelle. Zanarkand's ruler was named Yevon, though later he became known as Yu Yevon, meaning "the curse of Yevon". Yevon created a great monster, Sin, to attack highly populated areas and those with advanced technology, which it did, successfully, for one thousand years. But the effort it took to create Sin took all of Yevon's strength, and it destroyed all but his intent for Sin's purpose. Consequentially, the creature's first act was to destory Zanarkand itself, for the city was advanced, and many people lived there.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.People came to believe that Sin was the result of people using machina, and that only when they "atoned for their sins" would they be rid of the terror.Thus, the religion of Yevon was born, and the struggle for summoners to defeat Sin began. Over the course of the next thousand years, Sin would be temporarily defeated by a summoner who acquired and summoned the Final Aeon, resulting in a period of peace known as a Calm. But eventually, the Final Aeon would become another Sin, possessed by the will of Yu Yevon, and the cycle would continue. Only at the end of FFX does the long dreamed of Eternal Calm come about, when Yuna and her guardians find a different way to defeat Sin once and for all.


        ×___the basics||behind those green eyes.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Name: Rikku (リュック)
        Age: 15 (FFX), 17 (FFX-2)
        Height: 5'2" - 158 cm.
        Eyes: Swirly green
        Hair: Blonde; layered with chunky bangs & done up various ways
        Race/Tribe: Al Bhed
        Home: 'Home', Bikanel Island
        Occupation: Thief & Guardian (FFX), Sphere hunter (FFX-2)
        A snippet: Rikku is a young Al Bhed girl living in the world of Spira. She is generally cheerful, and has a strong will, fighting to save her cousin, her people, and Spira, though she must fight many battles, deal with the anti-Al Bhed prejudices of Yevonites, see her home utterly destroyed, and save Spira twice in the short span of about two years.

        ×___personality||keep smiling.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The same words are usually used to describe Rikku's personality: bubbly, hyper, happy, cheerful, etc. To totally flatten her character, we would place her under the "hyper/happy FF girl" stereotype. And it's true that she does have those qualities. But there is more to her than that.

        On the base line, there is Rikku's evident immaturity, which at times is irritatingly staring you straight in the face, but is also a contrast and sometimes a relief from the quieter personalities of some of the other characters. But one has to take into account that she is the youngest member in the party, and at fifteen, has a right to be somewhat immature. Her character at seventeen, however, was much the same, without much visible difference in her maturity, which I think Square Enix might have done better on. Rikku can certainly be serious, though. When Home is sacked by the Guado, she understandably feels very sad, for her people have lost their home, and their center of refuge. We see a slightly different side of Rikku here, and also when she is confronted with serious issues, such as Yuna's impending death if the summoner gets the chance to fight Sin with the Final Aeon. Yet in the face of tragedy, she retains a positive attitude, attempting, with Tidus, to keep the group in good spirits, despite circumstances.

        There are some who find Rikku's vibrancy obnoxious, but for my part, I think it's great. She helps to cheer up her companions, especially Yuna, though their journey is quite dark, and if called upon to step up the seriousness in dire moments, she's quite capable.

        ×___appearance||getting physical.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.helps to give off some of her cheerful personality, and youth. (To add to this, she is smiling in a good number of her official renders and art.) Her hair is a sunny golden blonde, layered, and falling to about her shoulder blades, though it hangs to about the middle of her back in FFX-2. She likes to wear it in somewhat elaborate styles, invloving braids, beads, feathers, and ponytails, which is a bit of fun, but still stays somewhat elegant.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX, Rikku looks, as she probably should, like a girl. In contrast to Yuna and Lulu, she looks a bit younger, which is appropriate, as she is only fifteen at the time. At seventeen, in FFX-2, she stays the same height of five foot two, but her face seems to have matured ever so slightly. But this is due in some part to the fact that the graphics have gotten just slightly better in the sequel. Rikku's eyes are certainly one of her most noticable features, as they are swirly green, like all those of all Al Bhed.

        ×___family||there through the good times&the bad.

        Rikku's family is small, but no less close for it. But in a way, because of the life she leads, Rikku had to learn to become a bit more independent of her family earlier on, for we meet her free to roam Spira at just fifteen. Her mother was killed in an accident with a malfunctioning machina when she was quite young. Her father, Cid, however, is alive. He is the leader of the Al Bhed Rikku nearly always refers to as 'Pops'. Cid is also Yuna's uncle, and the father of Rikku's brother, who is known simply as Brother.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.To say the least, Rikku's tattooed, mohawk-sporting brother is odd. He has a fairly annoying voice and mannerisms, and in FFX threatens to attack Rikku, as well as the rest of the party, with a large, cannon-like machina if she does not step aside. This was in another attempt to stop Yuna from completing her pilgrimage and dying, though attempted in a very forceful way. He also makes an appearance at the beginning of the game, along with Rikku and a few other Al Bhed when they discover Tidus. Brother and the others are rough with the confused young man, suggesting they kill him, for fear he is a fiend, though Rikku saves him from this fate. In FFX-2, Brother has a larger role as a member of Rikku's sphere-hunting group, the Gullwings. Mostly, he makes a fool of himself and unabashedly attempts to flirt with Yuna, despite the fact that they are first cousins and any romantic relationship would be incestuous. Last but not least in Rikku's small remaining family is Yuna, who is very dear to her, and whom she tries to protect at all costs.

        ×___love||what's love got to do with it?

        Rikku never really has any serious romantic relationships in FFX or FFX-2, but it's amazing what a little bit of speculation and fanfiction can do...

        Rikku & Tidus? {x}
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.This pairing is fairly popular and actually somewhat plausible. At least, before Yuna entered Tidus' life. Rikku is the first person in the party that Tidus meets and the first person he must rely on to tell him where (and when) he is. Though she does elbow him in the stomach, Rikku is kind to him later, and even saves his life when her Al Bhed companions suggest murdering him. They do flirt a bit, but while there is no doubt that they were (and are) friends, romance is questionable. Rikku probably did find Tidus attractive, if a little odd as he boasted membership of a thousand year-old blitzball team. I think Tidus was definitely attracted to Rikku, for he dreams that both Yuna and Rikku were waiting for him to take them to Zanarkand, after which he dreams of his father laughing at him ("You? With a woman?" wink . So he did have some feelings for her, though a romance with Yuna ultimately won over. I definitely believe that Tidus and Yuna were meant to be, but there's no harm in looking at what a Rikku/Tidus relationship might have been like. The two get along very well, and have similar perky personalities. Somehow, though, I can't really see the two together. Rikku is rather immature, and more so in FFX, and I don't think that would have created the perfect chemistry. Even so, compared to other pairings, this one is quite likely. Who knows what may have happened if Tidus had never met Yuna?

        Rikku & Auron? {x}
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Yes, can you believe it? Judging by the amount of fanart revolving around this pairing, it is actually pretty popular. Opposites attract? I really don't think so in this case. First of all, Auron is old enough to be Rikku's father. Besides which, the two show no romantic interest in one another at all. Rikku is young and vibrant, and Auron is wise and has many years on her. Basically all of Auron's thoughts are directed at the task at hand: protecting Summoner Yuna as he did for her father. I don't think he has the time or desire to chase after teenage girls. And honestly, I don't think Rikku would favor a relationship with an older man. In short, the two never regard each other with any thought of romance.

        Rikku & Wakka? {x}
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I don't think this is even worth mentioning. The two have a friendly relationship until Wakka discovers that Rikku is an Al Bhed. But he soon learns to accept the fact, and they return to their former state of somewhat playful friendship.

        Rikku & Gippal? {♥}
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Besides Tidus, I think Gippal is the closest thing Rikku has to a lover. The two have known each other for quite a long time (Gippal playfully - and rather condescendingly - calls her 'Cid's Girl'), and were probably childhood friends, or more, for according to Gippal, they "made quite the couple". When Rikku introduces Yuna and Gippal in FFX-2, she excitedly says to Yuna afterwards (though more to herself, really), "Isn't he great?". Gippal is charming in a somewhat annoying, arrogant way, and also being an Al Bhed, their relationship could work well, especially since he could sympathize with Rikku's pain for the loss of Home, though by FFX-2 she has moved on. There's no denying the existence of some kind of romance here, evident most prominently in the couple's shameless flirting. I can quite easily see the two together, and their personalities contrast well, in my opinion. Both are quite carefree and like to laugh, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rikku found Gippal's reputation of being something of a lady's man endearing.

        Rikku & Baralai? {♥}
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.This would be quite an interesting relationship. Personality-wise, Baralai is nothing like Rikku. He is reserved and serious, but quite a gentleman, which Rikku notes after meeting him. It is difficult to tell what Baralai thinks or feels for the young Al Bhed girl because of his quiet nature, but I'm sure he likes her, at least. Rikku respects Baralai, and even comments on his apperance, saying that she finds him handsome. But I don't think either of them consider a romantic relationship with the other, though I can imagine that it could work. During FFX-2, Baralai probably had too much on his mind, what with his relatively new responsibilites as New Yevon's praetor to think about love.

        ×___astraphobia||a shocking fear.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Astraphobia (pronounced as-tra-pho-bi-a) is an abnormal fear of lightning and thunder. It is also known as Brontophobia, Ceraunophobia, or Tonitrophobia, and is especially common in young children. Symptoms (similar for all other extreme phobias) include panic attack - difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms & nausea.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.When traversing the thunderplains, it's blatantly obvious that Rikku has this phobia. Throughout the trek, Rikku whines, begging to stop and rest, and shrieking and cowering at each flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. At one point, she even flings herself to the ground and clings to Tidus' leg, yelling that she hates thunder and lightning, and wants to go home. At last, though, her complaining pays off, and Auron allows the group to take a rest in a shop. Her excessive fear originates in her youth, when her brother accidentally hit her with a thunder spell that was aimed at a water fiend he was trying to protect her from.

        ×___role||final fantasy x.

        A guardian.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX, Rikku begins her attempts to save her summoner cousin from sacrificing herself to defeat Sin by repeatedly trying to kidnap her. But all these attempts seem to fail in the end. When at last Rikku meets Yuna face-to-face, she decides to protect the young summoner by becoming one of her guardians. The event is a rather uncommon one, for Rikku is an Al Bhed, hated by the Yevonites, although Yuna, a summoner of Yevon, is half Al Bhed herself. But Rikku is an incredibly guardian; she spends much more time worrying about "Yunie" than she does about her own problems, and did from the start. Towards the end of her cousin's pilgrimage, the fifteen year-old even offers sadly to become the Final Aeon when Yuna must face Sin. Fortunately, though, that sacrifice doesn't have to be made when an alternative way of destroying Sin is devised.

        Even in FFX-2, when Yuna is technically no longer a summoner and Rikku is no longer officially her guardian, Rikku continues to watch over the former high summoner as if she still held the position.

        The gear.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX, Rikku makes her first entrance in a many-colored wetsuit and a sort of dark pink, face-framing helmet apparatus with matching shoulder pieces. The suit itself is skin-colored, but for some dark, reinforced patches, and the red going down the sides and on the legs. There are a number of green straps crossing over the suit, buckling to secure seperate pieces such as her shoulder protectors. She also wears a pair of goggles at first.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.When Tidus discovers Rikku wounded at the Moonflow, she stands, shocking him by unbuckling the straps of her suit and undoing the zipper running down the back. It takes a moment for poor Tidus to realize that she is in fact not giving him a strip tease and is fully clothed under her wetsuit, and one moment more for him to recognize her. The outfit beneath is what Rikku wears for the rest of the game. It consists of a pumpkin-colored leather sleeveless top with princess seams and a ribbed neckline on its mock turtleneck ringed at its base with pink-ish beads. The sides of the top under her arms are open just a slit and held together with three buckles, and a pair of goggles rests loosely around her neck. The back of Rikku's shirt has two circular pieces of metal fastened by each shoulder blade, from which, to her knees, hang two very thick blue ribbons. Her arms are covered in a variety of things: two green armbands with black, buckling straps on her upper arms, a black tube of fabric hugging the elbow of her right arm, and a black and grey-green fingerless glove with a red X on top on her right hand. On her left arm, from just below her elbow to her hand, Rikku wears a padded beige, almost cast-like glove with two thick black straps. Moving down, there is a pair of green, pinstriped shorts curving up at the sides, the bottoms edged with a white white ruffle. Over the shorts, she wears a yellow and orange belt lopsided into a V shape in front. Below that, her legs are bare down to her boots, but for a contraption of black straps around her upper right leg that fastens a long, square-ish black pouch to the outer side of her leg. Last in Rikku's detailed outfit are her knee-high, off-white boots. The bottoms and tops of these boots are black, a string of pearl-like beads ending in an orange and yellow feather matching those at the end of her braids, dangling from the outside of the boot tops. There are also a few green straps crossed on the front of Rikku's shins and the black, turned-over black tops of the boots.

        The usual.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX, Rikku is unique among the party members because she is a thief. Despite its initially useless sound, this can prove very useful in battle, for one can steal healing potions from enemies and make it easier to defeat them. That doesn't mean, of course, that Rikku can't defend herself - her array of grenades and spikes strapped to her arms take care of that.

        In FFX-2, Rikku is still foremost a thief, but with the introduction of the dressphere system, Paine and Yuna can join her in the class.

        ×___role||final fantasy x-2.

        A Gullwing.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In the time of peace that follows the defeat of Sin, a new craze sweeps across Spira: sphere hunting. People form groups and search the land for old spheres that can help them unlock the mysteries of the past. In FFX-2, Rikku starts her own sphere hunting group: the Gullwings. Paine joins her, and Yuna does too, searching for answers about a sphere showing a young man who looks and sounds very much like Tidus, her own lost love. And so the three set out on the great red airship, the Celcius, with Rikku's brother, known simply as Brother, Buddy, the Celcius's co-pilot, and Shinra, a young Al Bhed and something of a technological genius.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.But sphere hunting is not without its competition, and the Gullwings soon become rivals with another group, known as the LeBlanc Syndicate. But when more dire situations than fighting over spheres occur, namely Shuyin's spirit threatening to activate Vegnagun, the groups become allies of sorts.

        The lack of gear.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX-2, Rikku sheds her old clothes for a new look, and a much skimpier one at that. She steps on to the scene sporting a yellow bikini with pale orange piping, complete with straps from the bottoms riding up on her hips, suggesting a thong that is not there. The top laces up in the front, it's black halter strap buckling on both sides to the what little coverage the bikini top provides. Her arms are covered with off-white arm warmers, or sleeves, if you will, made of a gauzy fabric that ties into four large bows along her arms to keep the sleeves from falling off. Rikku's gloves are similar to those she wore in FFX - wrist-length and fingerless, but these are brown. And because even Square Enix must admit that a bikini top on its own is rather skant covering, a very long scarf is twined about Rikku's neck, red in the middle, around her neck, fading to orange, and finally to yellow at the ends. The tassles at the bottom extend to just below her knees.

        Atop her bikini bottoms rests an olive green miniskirt that is just short enough to keep the fanboys squealing. Coming out of two sets of four little grommets by each front hipbone are pale orange strings, crossing to form small 'X's. Over the skirt, a yellow belt is buckled, complete with two square-ish pouches that are oh so necessary for certain theifly duties. Her long legs are bare down to her cowboy-like boots. The mid-calf high boots have black soles and silver bottoms that spike up in a diamond shape into the dark blue cloth of the tops.

        The dresspheres.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.In FFX-2, the main party is made up of only the three girls, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, as opposed to the previous seven in FFX. Because of this, there would be much fewer options for attacking and defeating an enemy. Thus the dressphere system was born. It allows the trio to change job classes in battle from their default ones (Yuna: Gunner, Rikku: Thief, and Paine: Warrior) to more easily defeat their opponents. To see images of all Rikku's dresspheres, click here.

        ×___role||a kingdom hearts special appearance.

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Rikku makes a cameo appearance, along with Yuna and Paine, in the joint Disney-Square Enix sequel to Kingdom Hearts, (what else?) Kingdom Hearts II. The three appear as fairies, no less, in toned down and more kid-friendly versions of their FFX-2 outfits. The cartoon-like Rikku flits about, cheerful as ever, on wings made from her long scarf. Very cute, yes, but rather degrading as well.

        It was originally planned for Rikku to be in the first Kingdom Hearts, but when Square Enix began work on Final Fantasy X-2, Rikku's main role in the new game made the game planners give Rikku's Kingdom Hearts role to Final Fantasy VII's Yuffie instead.

        ×___relationships||the ones cared for.

        Yuna, a best friend&cousin.
        _____⇒Yuna the Sphere Hunter.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.High Summoner Yuna is Rikku's first cousin, which the two discover when they first meet. Rikku is very caring towards Yuna, and often very selfless as she tries to keep Yuna safe. At first, this means attempting to kidnap the young summoner several times, as the Al Bhed attempt with other summoners to keep them from sacrificing themselves to defeat Sin, especially as its defeat will not be permanent. But soon enough Rikku realizes that technique is not very successful, as Yuna's current guardians are quite good at their jobs, rescuing her each time. When Rikku meets her cousin at last, and sees how determined she is to continue with her pilgrimage, the thief decides to become one of Yuna's guardians, and protect her along the way as best she can. As the two become better acquainted, they become closer, almost like sisters.

        One of the things Rikku is given least credit for is her dedication to Yuna. She would probably sacrifice her life for the beautiful half-Al Bhed, and even offers to become the Final Aeon for her, if it will come to that. Like a true guardian, she hardly thinks of herself throughout FFX, and instead spends the majority of her time thinking about how to protect Yuna. In FFX-2, although Yuna is no longer a summoner, and Rikku is no longer officially one of her guardians, Rikku continues to care for her cousin as if she still kept the position.

        Tidus, the dream.
        _____⇒ ?
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Tidus is a the star player of Zanarkand's blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes. He had a tumultus childhood, with a father who was also a blitzball player, and also often drunk. Tidus hated his father, even after he disappeared mysteriously one day at sea, to nearly the end of FFX. One day his life changes forever when he is thrown into the world of Spira one thousand years in the future with no way to get home, which he strives to do for the rest of the game. It is a place and time that feels completely alien to him.

        When he is flung unwillingly into this strange world, Rikku and a few other Al Bheds are the first people he meets. Despite the fact that she elbows him in the stomach and then kidnaps him, when Tidus awakes on the Al Bhed's salvage ship, he is treated fairly well. When Tidus explains that he is from Zanarkand, Rikku thinks he's crazy, although as soon as she hears that the blitzball star was near Sin before he was "engulfed in light", as he says, she attributes his claims to the effects of Sin's toxin. She advises him not to mention to anyone that Zanarkand is his hometown. Though Rikku had barely begun to help Tidus understand where he was and what had happened to him, they are seperated as Sin arrives, and knocked them into the ocean. They meet again later, and both become Yuna's guardians. Tidus stands up for Rikku when there are doubts about her potential guardianship due to her Al Bhed heritage, and as the party journeys, the two forge a close friendship. There is even a small hint of romance, though that mostly disappears when Yuna enters Tidus' life. Rikku and Tidus get along very well, as both tend to be cheerful, and can joke together easily.

        Lulu, a role-model.
        _____⇒ ?
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Lulu is a black mage, and one of Yuna's very dedicated guardians. Indeed, she is almost like an older sister to the young summoner. In some respects, she is to Rikku as well. Lulu is forever level-headed, serious, and to the point, which Rikku admires. She describes the older woman as "together" and "grown up", and says she'd like to be like her. Lulu's quiet personality is certainly quite a contrast to Rikku's shamelessly bright one. However, Lulu's demeanor often helps to hold the group together as they travel. Yuna is too focused on her pilgrimage in FFX to worry about much else, so Lulu, and sometimes some of the other characters, must step in and advise, comfort, or inform the others if they encounter something they know nothing about. Most often, the black mage explains things to Tidus, as nearly everything in Spira is new to him.

        In FFX-2, Lulu is not present in the story nearly so much. You meet her pregnant (though by the end of the story she is cradling baby Vidina in her arms), and married to Wakka. But she is still the same dark, mysterious, and occasionally slightly motherly figure that Rikku and the others knew before, though now the party of FFX have mostly gone their seperate ways. Lulu and Rikku have a friendly relationship, Rikku looking up to Lulu, and Lulu quietly caring for Rikku, though the difference in their wisdom and maturity is distinct.

        Wakka, a growing friendship.
        _____⇒ ?
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Another of Yuna's guardians, Wakka also lends his warm-hearted self to the world of blitzball, as the captain of Spira's worst team: the Besaid Aurochs. But given a new outlook and a little encouragement from Tidus, whom he takes in for his blitzball skills and resemblance to his dead brother Chappu, Wakka's team begins to improve. Even if the Auroch's previous motto had been to "try their best", which never seemed to work, Wakka clearly loves the game - he even fights by throwing his bliztball at things. But his duty as a guardian comes first, and he eventually gives up the game so he can better focus on protecting Yuna.

        Blitzing aside, the cheery and sometimes silly captain is also a devout Yevonite. Because of this, he hates machina use and the Al Bhed, throwing him into direct conflict with Rikku. Despite the obvious tip-off of her swirly, bright green eyes, Wakka never guesses that Rikku could be one of the people he's sworn to hate. Even when queries are made as to whether the Al Bhed teenager should be allowed to become a guardian, the uncertainty slips past Wakka's notice. The friendly relationship between the two is shattered when Rikku herself must inform Wakka of her race. But Wakka learns to care for her again as he learns that she truly is a good person, and machina use, whether the cause of Sin or not, is used by corrupt Yevonite leaders, and not just the Al Bhed. As the story progresses, and into FFX-2, Rikku and Wakka are able to have a friendly and playful relationship.

        Auron, a mystery.
        _____⇒ THE LEGEND L|VES.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Auron is the oldest and most experienced of Yuna's guardians, for it is the second time he has held the position. The first time, he was a guardian of Yuna's father, High Summoner Braska, who defeated Sin last and began the most recent Calm. Auron returns to protect Braska's daughter, but not before bringing Tidus from the dream Zanarkand to Spira, as requested by the young man's father, Jecht, who was Braska's other guardian. Auron exemplifies a guardian, making sure that Yuna completes her pilgrimage and comes to no harm. He would probably give his life if it would mean saving the young summoner and allowing her to complete the pilgrimage. The older man is often gruff and silent, but not without feelings. He is also not without secrets. During the course of the characters' journey, he never mentions until the end that he is in fact an Unsent - a dead person who would accept death and clung to their life, with no summoner to Send them to the Farplane. But when his task is complete, he allows himself to go.

        Of Auron and Rikku's relationship, there is little to be said. When Yuna requests that Rikku become another of her guardians, Auron makes Rikku look in the face so that he can see her telltale Al Bhed eyes, yet allows her to become one of Yuna's defenders, since, he says,"Yuna wishes it". The two are both dedicated guardians, and both are determined to see Yuna through.

        Kimhari, a protector.
        _____⇒FFX Kimhari Ronso.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Kimahri is one of the Ronso tribe - a race of great, blue, lion-like creatures with horns. However, he has been cast out from their number, and has since dedicated himself to Yuna, as one of her first guardians. He is powerful and fierce, yet gentle around the young woman he protects. Kimahri's one purpose is to do just that, no matter what. He even threatens Tidus, though not with the words he so rarely uses, but by leaping down in front of him and roaring. The message certainly got through to the young blitzball player, who was, understandably, terrified.

        Though it would be easy to accept Kimahri as just another part of the scenery when traveling with him, when he speaks, one can see that his opinions and feelings are deeper than one first suspected. When Rikku speaks appraisingly of Lulu to Tidus and Kimahri, and says wistfully that she'd like to be like the black mage one day, Kimahri speaks, surprising Rikku and Tidus by growling out a deep-throated, "Kimahri think Rikku should stay Rikku."

        Paine, the "reserved" best friend.
        _____⇒ Paine the Sphere Huntress.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Paine is a mysterious young woman with a past she prefers not to speak about. She was once part of the Crimson Squad with Gippal, Baralai, and Nooj, but when those days ended, she joined the Gullwings and began travelling Spira with Rikku and Yuna in search of spheres...and answers. Paine has a realistic, "no crap" attitude that can be quite intimidating (doubly so when she's wielding a sword!), but despite that and her sometimes sarcastic speech, she seems to fit in well amidst the colorful, girly optimism her companions radiate.

        Perhaps a little like Lulu, Rikku looks up to Paine a bit, and admires her. Paine, in turn, sees Rikku as a friend, and their friendship develops from toleration to near fondness over the course of their travels.

        Gippal, the childhood friend.
        _____⇒ Gippal_Machine Faction.
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ah, yes, Gippal. The annoyingly - or is it endearingly? - cocky one-eyed Al Bhed, formerly a member of the Crimson Squad with Paine, Baralai, and Nooj, and now the leader of the Machine Faction. The dangerous past he shares with his three friends from his Crimson Squad days was part of what drove him to his work with the Machina Faction; he wanted to learn as much as he could about machina in the hopes of finding some way to disable or destroy the great machina weapon, Vegnagun. The reason for this is the chilling moment in his past when he, Paine, Baralai, Nooj, and some other Crimson Squad members entered a cave on orders, only to be met with Shuyin's angry spirit. Shuyin possessed the minds of all the members, and set them about killing eachother. Only the four friends were able to resist. Shuyin entered Nooj's mind, because he found the man would be easy to control, and forced him to shoot the other three. Somehow, they survived and managed to get away, and all of them went seperate ways.

        Gippal and Rikku share some kind of a past, as, to her horror, he announces to everyone. But as Paine points out, the way Rikku vehemently denies that the two of them "made quite the couple" only makes it seem more likely. While Gippal's calling her "Cid's Girl" instead of Rikku does get on her nerves, the Al Bhed girl can't help flirting with him, though she'll hardly admit to herself or anyone else that she likes him. After all, he is an egotistical, button-pushing, somewhat womanizing bas--wait, or are those good qualities?

        Baralai, the quiet one.
        _____⇒ ?
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.When Rikku and her friends first meet Baralai in Bevelle, she finds he is not exactly what she'd expected. She comes away from the meeting rather impressed in regard to the praetor of so-called New Yevon, and calls Baralai "handsome" and "a perfect gentleman". He is polite and respectful, and earns the respect of others. The respect he commands is actually unnerving for someone of his age, even if he is in a position of power. Baralai is serious and speaks softly, traits that are well-suited to his job, though they don't at all reflect his curious past in the Crimson Squad.

        But quietness and clear thinking disappear when the restless spirit of Shuyin of Zanarkand, dead for a thousand years, possesses Baralai multiple times. Shuyin uses Baralai as a sort of puppet to activate the great machina weapon, Vegnagun, and even to quest after Lenne, Shuyin's lost love who died with him. At the end of FFX-2, (and as himself) Baralai, Nooj, and Gippal, or, really, the Youth League and New Yevon make a sort of truce and alliance, for they realized that instead of rebuilding Spira, they were tearing it apart with disunity, especially as the three had begun as good friends. Fortunately, though, they end in a similar state.

        Cosplayers of Note;

        ♠___Lenne of Zanarkand.
        ♠___Legacy of Sephiroth.
        ♠___Aerith Great Gospel.
        ♠___Final Fantasy VII Yuffie.

        {Out Of Character:
        The above information has been gathered from this site -- all credit goes to U n s u n g.
        Images can be found on Deviant Art/Photobucket, they do not belong to me.
        Rikku is Copyright SQUARE ENIX. This cosplay is created for the sole purpose of amusement. I do not own Rikku or Final Fantasy. I do own the design I created on Gaiaonline and if you wish to borrow anything - and are not Amy/Thief Rikku of FFX - please ask me first. Credit to Amy and Queeny - Chan for some ideas. Please do not steal my profile or any of my edited pictures.
        Come again. (: }


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