"Because....I am so..very.........ugly....And they are...so.. very...............beautiful."-Frankenstein's monster

Hello.. *nods* It's nice to meet you.
Me? My name is Rika Shirazaki. I'm a first class SOLDIER who works for ShinRa, and am currently living at headquarters in one of the many rooms that the company offers it's workers. *emerald green eyes*
Do i like my job? Of course. Granted, i have days where i dream of a different occupation, but who doesn't? You could say i was made for this job. Heh. *smiles darkly* But i do enjoy fighting and protecting, which is the jist of my job. I can't exactly go into detail about what i do, some of it is classified. But i've just recently been promoted~!! .
When i'm not working though, i like to work out, play with my weapons, bake, and read books. Oh, i do enjoy reading. Just the feeling of a page between your fingers and the sound it makes when you turn the page. Or just the smell of the pages, mingled with the taste of hotcholate as you just get so wrapped up in the story it takes you to another place. <3 Books, i believe, are optional temporary vacations you have the option of taking at any point in time.
And baking. Hmm~. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, and i love being in the kitchen. Though i cook well, also, baking is truly where my heart is. There is absolutely no way you can wear a frown while chowing down on a piece of cake or a cookie! And, baking makes me feel closer to my mom. -soft wistful smile- She always said that making something for someone, no matter how it tastes, can make anyone happy. And if it tastes good, all the better. -laughs-

My former instructor, Miss Miyazaki (though she normally goes by Missy) who is a 1st class Soldier. She is the only person that I kept close to me for the longest time. She's a spectacular woman whom I admire and greatly respect- and I find myself thinking of her more like a mother. I guess you could say she has very much been a mother to me ever since I came to work for ShinRa, but she's also my sensei. *eyes change to a violet hue* She recently got married to a wonderful person called Mr. 2D~. He's super cute and akward, but he's one of the sweetest and most caring people I've met! He's my father, not biological, but adoptive. Like Missy is my adoptive mother. Those two are so perfect together, I just think that they make the cutest, and most ideal couple~! Since Miss Miyazaki got married, I should probably call her Mrs. Pot... but she'll always be 'Miss Miyazaki' to me~.

My eyes? Oh, you noticed. Yes, they change color often, due to some....experimentation that i went through as a child. *irises cloud over with black* I don't feel too keenly about them, though. Personally, they're one of my lesser liked traits. They often give away my mood and what i'm feeling.. which is sometimes problematic as i have yet to see them produce a positive outcome as of yet. Maybe, if you stick around and get to know me, and pay attention of course, you'll figure out what it means. *smirk*
Another of my less favored traits that i possess are my fangs. Yes, they're real, and i typically don't bite. Hard. *smirk* I need to feed maybe once a week. Off of blood, i mean. It's not my only nurishment, but it is important that i do feed. (Though, i don't always..) Things can get bad if i don't.
Recently, my father came back into the picture of my life. His name is Donovan Castette. I love him very much as he is my dad~. Though we bicker often. I think it is because i'm not used to a strict father being around as often as he is now. But i know it is because he loves me and cares for my well being.
As much as I am happy to have him back, there is someone that will always be missing- my mother, Melina. She's the person that I miss most in this world. I dream about her all the time- mostly dreams about her death, but sometimes I'll dream that I'm talking to her like we used to and she'll brush my hair.. *laughs a little* Childish, I know, but I'll be with her again someday. Anyway.

You want to know more..? Oh, well then how about you message me? Or you may leave a comment here, if you'd like. Until then. *nods with a smile and waves*

(Always in character.)


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Okay, so this journal, much like my real one, has just a bunch of random....stuff. Oh, ya know, stuff like what i'm thinking, things i need other people's oppinions on, and some stuff about my made up character Rika. So just take a look........you kn


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I miss you too!! -hugs tight- We should do something sometime!
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