About me :3

Hello there, I wonder how it is that you found me? Leave me a comment to let me know, lets have a nice chat.

I do not post my pictures here so check out my instagram for my art and my face, username the same as it is on here.

Now your probably wondering what type of video games I play. Wait, you weren't?! Oh uhm... well I'll just tell you anyways.

I play Destiny Xbox 360, along with Minecraft, and Borderlands 2.

I normally play handheld games though. I have all of the Pokemon games and play them frequently. I have been obsessed with Fire Emblem Awakening as of late.

Sometimes I play older games on the PS2 and Gamecube XD

HMU, I watch a fair amount of anime, mainly ecchi and shonen. I am a big fan of shoujo-ai and yuri. Let us be friends now.