Hey everyone! This is Sayura(aragorn1014 on theotaku and deviantart)! My friends got me into Gaia, and hopefully I can make a lot of friends on here! ^^

Hm...let's see, what else. Well, there are a lot of people that I would LOVE to draw art for, but unfortunately I want to get a lot better before I draw for them so I can give them the best quality art possible ^^; I still have a lot to learn!

But nevertheless, I really like being on here~ especially when talking to other artists and seeing art, it's really a great feeling. Let me know if you want me to draw for you, just maybe I'll consider it~

Otherwise, enjoy your stay~ I love talking, so please don't worry about leaving a comment or PM! Take care!

In case you were interesting in havnig some art from me, here's a link to my joint shop! Check it out! <3
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February 13. 2010- 1st million gold!
June 13. 2010- Dream avvie completed!
September 13.2010- 2nd dream avvie completed!(THANK YOU UNKNOWN-CHAN AND CHERRI-CHAN FOR THE HELP T___T)
July 13. 2011- 3rd dream avvie completed!! (I owe the most thanks to you Stella! >.< And thanks also to you Unknown-chan!)

Much much much love to my amazing friends Sakurie, Kiro, Kazu, Kara, Cherri, Iri and Sora!<33 I love you guys so much!


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Report | 07/11/2012 4:39 am


so i've seen you on recently and i just wanted to leave a comment here to say hi dear! ♥
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 02/11/2012 2:45 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

I had my interview yesteraday. It's two tier, so I have to wait for the DM to call me.
And naw...lol. You're are always so elegant.
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 02/06/2012 7:44 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

The guy said he's call me some time this week.
So i'm not sure D;
Your avi is beautiful ;3
Children of Cain

Report | 02/05/2012 4:32 pm

Children of Cain

Thanks m'dear! And I got her! /excited/ I probably would have still had 4 or 5 million if I didn't get her, but hell~ She looks nice, so that's all that matters haha~

And I am still doing art on here! Very slow at art at the moment, but I'm still doing it c:
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 02/04/2012 2:04 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

i actually might have an interview this week :3
Hopefully it'll work out :3
Lux Fortuna

Report | 01/27/2012 6:31 pm

Lux Fortuna

Oh wow, yeah it has been forever! I'm great, how about yourself?
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 01/27/2012 6:13 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

Any job really.
I'd love to work with kids or animals, but i don't really get to choose.
Even waitressing wouldn't be bad.
Except there are like., no jobs here.
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 01/26/2012 2:23 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

-hugs back-
A whole lot of nothing to be honest.
I applied for a school, and I'm trying to get in. trying to get a job.
But other then that. not much.
StellaLuna SkyWind

Report | 01/26/2012 2:12 pm

StellaLuna SkyWind

All is pretty darn good ;3
I hope tit is the same for you? :3

Report | 01/03/2012 3:05 pm


lol yup. Winter break went by so fast ;w; I was pretty tired at school today. XD Good thing I don't have too much homework for now~ =w=
and happy new year~ biggrin


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Joint Temp(HIATUS)

Siggy Art by Sora_Hanaki!<33 Thank you and I love you SO much!<3333!