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Hi emotion_awesome , I'm kinda embarrassed to have you read stuff about me emotion_facepalm , or even view my profile... cat_redface But anyways, my name is Rico, but I am a girl **cough cough-- obviously** and my last name is personal (it's not really Lionheart for you who haven't caught on yet) and though I'd like to get to know whoever you are, it's one of those things you just don't add to the media. cat_ninja Just like my age, and what grade I'm in and stuff like that. cat_wink But anyway, I'm human, just like you, and don't think I'm some alien. You have a question, ask me like any other friend of yours and I'll answer depending on if it's third degree or not cat_3nodding .
Oh and, thx for spending about 2 minutes of your life reading this heart !! Hope I didn't tire you out emotion_zzz Well, bai baii! emotion_yatta

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My Thoughts, A Journal--NOT DIARY

I get kinda mad when people call this whole bloggish stuff a DIARY when it clearly says "Journal". But anyway, there's a bunch of mixed stuff in here and you don't have to read this junk. No one forced you to, so don't force yourself.