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whats poppin my home skills. too start it all off, my name is Nikolas. my full name is Nicolas Alejandro Jackson Gonzalez Granados Ortega Martinez Hurtado Fernandez-Nguyen(:Age is nada but a # my birthday is dECEMBER'12th. yes im beinq cereal about my aqe. im just a fyi for the ppl who tell me i look older or younqer. im currently livin my life in hOUSTON texas!, home of the brave! lmao. i currently attend southeast Stevenson Middle school,Lamar Highschool my home school is southeast Pershing Middle, Westbury hiqh(: im not here to hook up with you(; i am a cocky conceited dude at times, i admit it, okay! you don't have to tell me im cocky cuz i know i am, lmfao. if you don't like me, if your one of my "haters", i don't care. honestly i don't. stop wastinq your sweet time thinkinq about me and thinkinq of ways your qonna make my life miserable cuz its so PATHETIC! if i don't know you then i don't expect you to check my profile everyday and look at all my pics without commentinq them, stop beinq such a stalker yo! i am a REALLY cool quy if you take the time outta yo busy schedule and try qet to kno me. im probably the coolest, funniest a*****e you have yet to meet(: i ain't ya averaqe teenaqe boi, all these otha suckas can't be me like i can(: i ain't like those niqqa's and never will be. Grrrrr! fa;sho. if you ever ask me for advice, or your qoin throuqh somethin rouqh, i will try and qive you some qood advice. and i will put a smile on your face when it seems impossible. next subject. i have A LOT of qoals i have set for my future, and i ain't messinq it up or chanqinq them for some lil hoe or niqqa. just a fyi, dnt ask me to do your "about me's" and all that other crap. i only do that stuff for CERTAIN ppl. some btw notes*: i blocked my I.M so don't tell me to I.M you(; don't be leavinq status cmnts for me to cmnt your pics cuz i will not comment them. ALSO! im tired of ppl tellin me "dnt be a stranqer"! iiqht your the one that requested me, so don't be telln me to not be a stranqer, your the one that needs to drop the love, i don't. comprender? cool. (: okay. so please don't be startinq s**t with me over myspace. why? first that crap is ******** dumb, second your just makinq yourself look stupid, and third you wnt be qoinq far with it cuz i aint qunna be replyinq to you & your qonna qet yourself blocked, feel me? so, im pretty much down to do anythinq, don't ever try takinq advantaqe of me. hm, i love love love chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cake, sour patch kids, takis, hot fries, beef jerky, spicy foods, hot winqs, popcorn chicken, mexican & chinese food, slushies, and more!(; well now that you kno some of my dislikes you kno what not to brinq to me. if you wanna kno more of my likes you qotta holla at me cuz wheres the fun if i just tell you?(: my aim screen name is 'nikolas796'. what you just read is nothinq and it will take you more then a few minutes to fiqure out who i am, don't be a shy one. holla at cha'boi(:


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xx_angelic_panda_29_xx Report | 12/10/2009 4:44 pm
happy birthday



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