Hey it's me
Again... MALACHI!
Ya I quit Gaia for the longest and now I'm finally back.
Well most people already know what I look like But I guess I could show you again

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Ya I'm a guy. I've been getting that question a lot lately :/
Now, I love role playing I guess and having fun, I hate posers and fakes. There lame and really un-cool!
My DOB yo!
I'm totally bi Call me confused whatever!
I know what I am and you don't! You don't even know where I live so HAR HAR! Well I have this quest... I want this item... Scratch that... I NEED this item!

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Why: I want it because I'm a greedy betch!

What you expected me to lie?

One thing your going to learn fast about me. I Don't lie. If you randomly send me your picture saying "Do I look pretty?" I'm going to be honest. So don't ask if your ugly.

Some more stuff about me....

I love talking! If theres one thing I can't live without it's talking! TALK TALK TALK!
" Sweety, you better not give me your Number or I'll text, text, text!"
Your going to need unlimited texting to be my phone friend.

Be forewarned I tend to get very angry with people who never reply to my messages. Why? Because I don't need to waste my time on un-cooperative people.

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Nope! Your not done yet unless you want to there is a lot more to learn about this ho!

I'm 15. Grew up in I reckon Oklahoma! Just kidding I'm not a hillbilly, I'm just trying to make the stereotypes happy! No Oklahoma is nothing like what people think it is.
It's actually cool!

*I love getting donations!* It's so fun! I think that everyone should get donations! Then everyone would have so much fun!
(But of course I should get a majority of them!)

Well now, I hate liars. And I'll tell you why, What's the point. Sooner or later there going to find out you lied. Whether it's you confess or your randomly put on a lie detector by the F.B.I.
(It could happen :/)

Another thing I hate is bad people. I hate killers, murderers, Rapists, terrorists, & Racists. Why you ask? Well first off you shouldn't even ask that question it's pretty much commen sense. Secondly the reason I do is because there's no reason for it. No matter how much you hate someone you shouldn't be mean to them. *Spread the love!*

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~Fact: If you go around trying to please everyone your only going to make yourself miserable.~
:.:.Believe me I know! I spent 13 years of my life trying to do this. What a waste of freaking time. My friends helped me realize this.:.:

Wow I came out of the closet when I was 13-14? I don't remember the exact date... I lost about half my friends when I did. Oh well it just proved the true friends they were. One thing for certain I'm glad I came out of the closet when I did.

Yay! Malachi updated!
"Now when last left off Malachi we wanted to know why he was happy when he did come out of the closet.
Well here it is...."

Ok well the reason I'm glad I came out of the closet when I did is because, I would have been miserable if I kept myself hidden. Trust me if you stay straight the rest of your life your going to sad. Who cares what your parents will think I'm still here for ya!.

Hey ya on to another subject!

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O-M-G the weather here is always so sunny it never rains, and yet rain puts me in a better mood! I ain't hating on the sun but it would be nice is it rained.

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More things about me.... Well I am in love with Zatch Bell! That show is the s**t! Let me tell you! I also love it when people cooperate with me. If you don't get out my face ho! The list of everything about me goes on forever... So I'm going to let it!

When I grow up I want to be an author my first book I'm going to publish will be called "Cher's footsteps..." that book is going to be an autobiography of me. That's going to make me famous so if I tell you I'm a celebrity you better believe it!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Well that's me you might want to save this picture because in about ten years from now it'll be worth millions. (In my own dream world...) I look so ugh-ish in this picture because you can't see my sexy eyes! Yup! You guessed it! I'm 100.1% conceited! No buts about it. If there one thing I aren't it's... NOT conceited. I'm also shy if I've never met you before and you try to talk to me IN REAL LIFE, on gaia I'm outgoing and can be myself. I hate people who act big and bad but in real life just a big coward! That erks me. It kinda just tells you there losers in real life so there mean on gaia. I know, I know... Your probably one of them people right now and are about to leave me a mean comment saying "I'm not a loser in real life ugly!" But, whatever I don't care. I may be ugly... but I'm not dumb I know how to block someone. Well I'll add more later. Till' then have fun!

Ya basically your probably thinking I have no friends? Wrong I have tons of friends and I love them all! They rock! Mine are better than yours! No I'm not saying that to be cute they truly are!

Sorry if I keep repeating myself I really don't remember all I wrote and I never proofread it.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Hey! If you cared enough to read this far you must care enough to donate to me! Like I said before sealed envelope's/ thank you letters... I accept them all with open arms.

Let me give you a quote that yo WILL live by...
"Don't worry about the people in your past, there's a reason they didn't make it to your future."

Don't message me saying that I didn't make that, b***h I know I never said I did. In fact don't message me at all! I give messages not you! If you message me I won't reply! Simple as that :] Why? Because whole bunch of people always message me being like hey what's up or hey how you doing. Stupid messages like that don't deserve to be replied to.

Unless your willing to donate...

In which case I'll reply. Or something interesting!

Things I find interesting...

[Zatch Bell, Pokemon, Friends, Donations, MY Guild, Me, Not you, Intelligent conversations, Role playing]

That's it I really don't have a wide range of interests... Oh well makes it tougher on you. In case your wondering my guild is right here just click this link

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Ha, ya it is a pokemon guild! I freaking love pokemon! You should join it would be fun I love adding people to the guild.


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Life of a sexy beast...

Malachi's diary of practically everything in his conceited life.



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hi! you posted on my acount now i'm returning the favor, awesome music and profile by the way. I love it!

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Hey, why are you not the guild captain anymore? neutral
Aven XVI

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Aven XVI



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Sorry, I have not been to the guild lately I got side tracked but I will go there at once.

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heyy wats up??
Kuddles teh Kitty

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Kuddles teh Kitty

Ack yuck! Icky crap music. X.x So yeah.. you wanted me to talk to you dude?

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Ummm, ok so I'm talking to you, lol. What's up?

BTW, VERY nice profile! 3nodding

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sweet profile dude

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lol aye this be a mule account >.< My real account is Poochiechan


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