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Gender: Male

Location: Sydney, Australia



So then, if you couldn't tell, the name is Ricwulf.

I'm from Australia, and yes, there are Kangaroos going down the main streets, and we have to fight off Drop Bears, a deadly breed of Koalas which drop down from the trees and rip you apart. 'Tis a dangerous place.

Anyway, I'm 17 and a student in my final year at school. Hopefully I will do good, and not spend too much time bludging it out, and actually do some work.

So, if you have found me, most likely you have followed me from the Q&A Forums, or from zOMG!
I am a CL 10.0 in zOMG! and will happily help out with any quests, although I haven't done them all, I can be a guard, free of charge. Just PM me with a time(along with timezone) and I'll see if it can be done.

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PrincessReg_29 Report | 12/26/2011 10:28 pm
Hellooooooooooo (: Thanks for buying ! ♥
Juanito Shet Report | 04/29/2011 12:36 am
Juanito Shet
I see. I haven't gotten great grades either, sadly... neutral
Juanito Shet Report | 04/29/2011 12:26 am
Juanito Shet
I just throw cut Frostbite Blades at their throats. mrgreen

But your tactics seem amusing!

I have been good. I feel giddy 'cause I got three new items and because I revitalized my Aquarium and updated my profile.

Juanito Shet Report | 04/29/2011 12:02 am
Juanito Shet
What do you use to defend yourself from the Koalas and the Bears? gonk
Vague Void Report | 04/25/2011 6:52 pm
Vague Void
It was kind of funny.

After you left and I got some more people, I started another round then it froze while it was loading so I had to close it X.x
Vague Void Report | 04/25/2011 6:39 pm
Vague Void
It was nice crewing with you again, bud =D
Dawn Cree Report | 04/11/2011 8:04 pm
Dawn Cree
Exactly! *shakes head* Well, I'll catch you later. I'm usually here this time of day cause I work mornings.
Dawn Cree Report | 04/11/2011 7:52 pm
Dawn Cree
... mm that's a hard one! I love Jack, but I love the super snark of SGA... I would have to say SG1 but they are both about equal. Rodney is funny as all hell, but I hated him in SG1.
Dawn Cree Report | 04/11/2011 7:48 pm
Dawn Cree
A fellow SG fan! PM me if you wanna crew in zomg. It was fun the other day.
1-800-slap-a-hoe Report | 02/05/2011 6:41 pm
XD its ok


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