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Character Name: Richard Vegori
Nick Name: "Zeke"
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Hometown: Durem
Gender: Male
DOB: 10/31/1987
Personality: Suave, Conscientious Behavior.
Transportation: 2007 Harley-Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special

Visible Items:
357 Magnum (Right Hip)
12' Survival Knife (Left Leg)
Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun "Jessie" (Back)

Weapons And Equipment: As an issued Bounty Hunter, they are required to have weapons in case the criminals in question decide to use brute force. A Sawed-Off Shot Gun, two 357 Magnums, three survival knives, rope, and handcuffs. Select few also carry a police issued radio to call for back-up.

Biography: As a Bounty Hunter, things are a bit different by the books. Bounty Hunter's tend to work along the side the law, using their abilities as both second-hand detectives and officers of the law. The majority of fugitives and criminals are retrieved by these Bounty Hunter's, especially for whom a reward is offered. Other names for a Bounty Hunter is bail enforcement agent, fugitive recovery agent, and bail fugitive investigator.

He had gained the nickname "Zeke," after the Arch Angel Ezekiel (Archangel of Charity, Protection, Self Defense, and rules God's Holy Army), given to him by the citizens of the cities he performed his bounty-hunting-duties in.

Outside of work, he is a true gentleman; which makes people believe him to be (an unintentional) ladies-man. In the public, he normally has the 'cool' personality, which includes tilting his hat to the ladies, and nodding to the men. However, when caught alone by selective characters, his personality changes to a sheepish, quiet, and over-observant type. This personality change could also happen deepening on certain situations and his health. One thing that wouldn't be able to change is his ability to help others in need; to the point where even if he were injured, he would end his life to save another.

His past was tainted by his parents. Richard is the oldest son of a powerful family. He had to care for his youngest brother, who his family had taken a liking to, pushing Richard away constantly either emotionally or physically his entire life. After his father was arrested when Richard was nine, his mother done nothing but wail on him day in and day out about how much of a useless person he will become because he is the first direct decedent; not even acknowledging that his spoiled brother was from the exact same person as well. He learned to accept to be the punching bag of the family, and expect to get the blame for every small detail that happened in their lives and others. It was a domino effect that helped him make a choice not to become the father he never had, and wanted to become the law that imprisoned him... however, even then, his mother had done nothing but reject him even when he had proven multiple times that he was nothing like how she believed him to become. He then left the manor, his family, and his life behind... and only taking selective articles with him, left for a life of a Bounty Hunter. His family was glad to see him go, as he was nothing but an obstacle that held them back, which is just fine with Richard; due that if he gets hurt (or killed) by his dangerous occupation, then no one would get hurt by it, much less miss him.

Richard enjoys beach front and nature scenery, so he could spend his time remembering why he had decided to become a bounty hunter. However, living and traveling alone takes its own toll's on an unsound mind such as his own. Having no family means that he has no one to truly talk to. This leads him to the hobbies of reading books, taking strolls, and even get into a small bit of gardening Roses to occupy himself. Being alone so much, despite his odd-job, makes him able to create exquisite meals in 1/3rd the time that other people could. Being lonely though can get to him at times, and could mostly be found either at his home, at a bar or coffee shop, or sitting quietly in an open grass-landed area. In short, even though he looks intimidating wearing multiple guns, knives, and aggressive equipment, he is really a gentle, lonely person who can't help being nice to others.

If there were some things that Richard does not like, it is people who can't control themselves in stressed situations, or purposely set themselves in the path of others just to cause trouble. As an experienced person in the world of issues, he knows that very same effort can be used to make friends instead of enemies. Richard also dislikes himself, and not because of the influence of his past-self, but if he is not constantly helping someone, an unknown sadness whelps up inside, and starts to feel guilty that his time could be spent sacrificing it for others instead of on himself. Other then that, Richard has learned to accept faults of others and life, and takes it upon himself not to complain about it; unless the food he is forced to eat at others residences consists of only vegan.

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