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Mime Taxidermy Report | 02/01/2012 4:34 pm
haha seems not so creepy or anything

Oh, I just check up every once in a while. Occasionally buy/sell things to get gold. Usually I log on to tell one of my two friends to log onto skype so I can talk to them haha
Irl, just school & hanging out with my new friend. 4laugh my new frieeeEEeEeEEEeeeeEEeen~~~ 8D lol
Mime Taxidermy Report | 01/29/2012 8:17 pm
haha at what a troll you were? xd
that's good, I haven't read my old posts ever I don't think but I feel that would be strange
like to read what you liked and all, like you were logging your everyday life without knowing it
Br3athl3ss_Lov3 Report | 01/28/2012 9:43 pm
ahh nice. how have you been dear?
Br3athl3ss_Lov3 Report | 01/28/2012 9:30 pm
hey there hows it going?
Mime Taxidermy Report | 01/23/2012 2:41 pm
Oh you poor thing! It seems everyone was sick this past month.
Yeah, I've been to Wisconsin 3 times and I think it's really nice (simple). Also, they have excellent rummage sales.
Ahhh, awesome! I want to live on my own, just being by yourself like that seems really .... satisfying.
So what brought you back to gaia?
DEANNA SAYS GOOD MORNING Report | 01/23/2012 7:57 am
lol ur so cute
Mime Taxidermy Report | 01/22/2012 8:07 pm
Oh yes, I saw many things in NY! Almost everything a tourist could do lol.
Ahh yay! I'm in socal. Yeah, the beaches are nice in some parts. 3nodding
Ah yeah, I've managed to stay debt free so far. Oooh moved out? That's exciting. How does it feel to be independent, on your own?
I want to move out after I graduate, live in Wisconsin for 1 year and then New York.
Then move back to cali lol
Br3athl3ss_Lov3 Report | 01/21/2012 10:21 pm
so what you up to?
Br3athl3ss_Lov3 Report | 01/21/2012 9:34 pm
ha yup. I guess some people need some way of getting their anger out.
Br3athl3ss_Lov3 Report | 01/21/2012 9:31 pm
yes very much so. what people dont know is that Im good at debating stuff especially stuff I strongly believe in. I took college government in highschool and the teacher would let us debate a topic in class and once I made a good point then the guy i was debating with would start calling me stupid. lol

no God
no shame
no money
no regrets
no meaning
no Right or Wrong