You know wanna sing it..

♫ Rhonda the Red-Rumped Reindeer
Comes around this time of year
When there's a special package
She's the one who'll bring it here
Sadly the Santa's too fat
And never seems to leave his sled
That's when our red-rumped reindeer
Gets the cue to charge ahead ♫

♫ One day in a birthing tank
Rhonda came to be
But DNA has a way of ******** up
And now she has a glowing butt! (Shut up!) ♫

♫ Now she has come to Gaia
Delivering these gifts with class
Just look for the buxom reindeer
With the bright and glowing a**! ♫

♫ With the bright and glowing a** ♫
(Stop talking about my butt!)

♫ With the bright and glowing a** ♫
(I ******** hate Christmas carolers...)

♫ Wiiith...The...Glowing-- ♫
(You are all on the naughty list forever..)

♫ a**! ♫