I graduated with my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. I ping-ponged from GA to NY a few times before settling in FL. I now work for the county I reside in.

When I got down here, I lived with my uncle for a year and half and realized just how immature I was in certain aspects of my life. I have definitely matured since then, and am still learning and growing.

I am still finding out what I like to do and what traits I do and do not like in people.

I believe I'll keep my bio from 2013 or so. It's always fun to see how what your past self was like from future point of view:

I have grown up a lot since I joined Gaia Online in middle school. I've certainly matured a lot. I've moved a lot for better opportunities (and when I see an opportunity, I take it).

I am currently working in Cooper Dining Hall. The job was offered to me after I reached into the garbage to retrieve dishes someone threw out on accident and was too much of a scaredy cat to reach in and get them.

I love having intelligent conversations and debates. I don't particularly like close minded people, but I try to tolerate their beliefs unless they are harmful to other people. I don't believe humanity will ever be at peace. We're too different, have too many beliefs and prejudice/discriminating thoughts for all of humanity to get along. True world peace will never happen. There will always be conflict somewhere--whether it be big or small. I do believe, however, if you can give a child an amazing upbringing, that child will go on to help others. Children are our future, after all.

One of my favorite things to do is help people. Every time I help someone, I feel very happy inside knowing that I helped someone else to be happy. I don't mind helping people solve any dilemmas they may have. In fact, I feel honored that they feel I am a trusted enough person to tell me their problems.

I'm only leaving this piece of my old 'About Me' up because it sounds very poetic, even though my beliefs have only changed a little bit---> (This is how I see our government: Think of a beautiful and polished crystal. You see how it reflects the light and looks good on the outside? Now cut that crystal open and you find a mixture, of coal, tar, and oil inside. The crystal looked so good on the outside, but then when you broke through its shell to reveal the secrets that it hides in the inside, you find something so disgusting, tainted, and dirty).