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how bout contact me?

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Nice to meet you!!

Lets be friends!!! i would love to talk with somebody and get to know somebody!!

How bout we sit down, have a coffee or a tea together and talk?


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-MichinNeko- Report | 05/22/2018 6:33 am
iya biasanya yang di bidang ini paling banyak cewe cewe.. angkatan ku aja cuman ada 5 cowo nya loh sisanya cewe 150an.. gila kan? btw km jurusan apa
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/20/2018 6:58 am
jurusan S1 Kriya Tekstil & Mode alias Fashion Designer...
kalo urusan diluar kampus mah ga ada kata kating hahaha santai aja
gua online cuman buat mejeng doang coba di zOMG wkwkwk
pajang avatar xD kadang main kalo lagi rame
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/20/2018 6:46 am
semester 5 sih sekarang.. lu online jam berapa hari apaan aja biasanya?
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/20/2018 5:14 am
iya, lagi liburan akhir semester 3 bulan... lu lagi semester berapa?
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/19/2018 12:52 pm
iya gpp wkwkwk gw ga ngerti mainan kindred lake. waktu pertama nyoba uda bosen aja gitu padahal masih lvl 1 kyk nya... lo sekarang lagi liburan apa gimana?
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/18/2018 8:09 am
kalo masih main zOMG, main ke gold beach aja, ato dms... biasanya org org sekarang main nya itu itu aja.. jarang banget ada yang main lain nya selain itu..
-MichinNeko- Report | 05/14/2018 11:40 pm
yooo aku baru main lagi bbrp hari ini, kalo km masih main jg bales yaa
MelodyofaHeart Report | 04/10/2018 7:35 am
HAHAHA I CAN BE SO CHATTY! Also I'm super sleepy so sorry if this sounds strange.

Oh my gosh sweet and salty foods are delicious! -so says myself, the person who will eat almost anything LMAO- Do you like sweet and salty?

OOOOHHH do you know how to make crepes? Those can be easy, and w/ jam or syrup they're delicious!

Ohh- Ohh! As long as you're comfortable, I'm very glad! Oh my gosh I'm so jealous. I mean... I eat things anyways, but I'm certainly not SKINNY. Average build. u~u

Ohhh that sounds so INTERESTING!!! Oh my gosh!! Typography? That can be so hard to do- like, drawing text, or designing it? ? - ohh- -OHH// That sounds so fun!

oohh-- ohh-- !!! Saaaame!

Oh my gosh I haven't read or watched any of those! Woah! I'm learning all sorts of new genres/stories these days! ooh...

ANYthing!! I'm pretty open minded. As long as it has a plot, continuity, and a form of characterization. And/or good comedy/ideas ??
Since I have a hard time doing a story, I love it when I see shows!

OOOO LMAOOOO So your favorite present ever would obvs be a visit from a guy in the scream mask HUH
MelodyofaHeart Report | 04/06/2018 12:33 pm
OOHH which foods? What are your favorite things to draw? Do you have a favorite type of anime/genre or whatnot, or plot type? UHmm -- Oooo each to their own, I have a lot of friends who don't read books! I haven't read one/focused on one for a long time... Maybe too long! I keep forgetting I love actually reading haha!

Myself- I adore food! I adore books! I really love anime and really a lot of things! I can't stand when things are repeatedly depressing, gossip based, etc, like in shows where people keep lying- I just get super sad! Ummm... I love drawing, though I'm so scared of drawing it's kind of scary and hard to, sometimes! I mean, scary drawing from references. Since I take so long!

I like detail, and thinking! Horror and comedy movies and a lot of other stuff! Really dizzy right now so response may be strange!
2 shots of vodka Report | 03/24/2018 8:50 am
2 shots of vodka
No prob!
Hahah thanks. Tried recreating an avi I had back years ago ;;



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