Hey people I can't say alot about myself because you might be a human eating space cow!!! Question: How do you hold the mouse and type??? Well what I can say is that I am 13, fun, energectic, funny, crazy at times, and a good person to talk to. Once you get to know me you'll love me. Oh FYI there is no one on this Earth that is like me!!!
0^-^0 <<< its a monkey

I love music, singing, karate, dancing, softball, and school too(I know;nerd!!)
favorites: YOU KNOW THINGS
shows: That 70's show, avatar, w.i.t.c.h.
movie biggrin ont mess with the zohan, and alot more i can't remember right now
music:hip hop, r & b, rock, pop, a litlle of country, and...

Very little Candy
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Hello! biggrin
I sell many items. sweatdrop
I get them easy so I sell them cheap. 3nodding
These are the least I can sell them. xp
I need gold for the wonderful things that gaia has. rolleyes
Anything wrong you can pm me so I can fix the problem. wink


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big gut 18

If men has their period They would brag about the size of their tampons!!!

I'm not a b***h I am the b***h and to you i am Miss b***h