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Gender: Female

Birthday: 07/02

Occupation: Nursing Student

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just an account Report | 12/05/2010 7:05 am
just an account
kewl avi
bittersweet and evocative Report | 07/02/2009 6:23 pm
bittersweet and evocative
Hey - happy birthday! I hope you're having a fantastic day!! xox
Vampire Queen Vampy Report | 06/28/2009 1:52 pm
Vampire Queen Vampy
I can walk with a cane now most of
the time!!!! I use the crutches still but
only when my knee is really weak or
hurting really bad.
Vampire Queen Vampy Report | 06/25/2009 11:41 am
Vampire Queen Vampy haven't been on in a long
time now. I miss you on here crying
I'll try contacting you on myspace

*hugs you*
Weregirl89 Report | 06/10/2009 7:26 pm
sorry i haven't talked with you verry much but please be on at least a little bit still v_v I like talking with you
Malouise Report | 06/10/2009 8:26 am
Yeah, but I was never the one who was able to carry anything out to the very end. So, I know I'll probably get discouraged somewhere along the way.. I have the ability to work my you-know-what off, I just.. Don't feel like I need to. It's like a special hidden power that I'll only use when I need it.
Malouise Report | 06/10/2009 7:40 am
Oh, good, that makes me happy! I passed my Math class with a 70. That's a D.
It, the report, came in the mail a few days ago, I will work harder my Sophomore year!
Malouise Report | 06/10/2009 7:27 am
Isn't Justin in summer school now?
Vampire Queen Vampy Report | 06/09/2009 7:15 pm
Vampire Queen Vampy
Stopping in to say hello.
Hope everything is going well for you.
Weregirl89 Report | 06/05/2009 11:12 am
HOLY SHIZNET I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HYPER!!!!! TACKLES YOU WITH HUGSS!!! xd xd xd xd giggles craxy running around in circles super super fast!!!!! crying WAAAAAAAAHN GONNA PUKE MY GUTS UP WAAAAAAAAHN! WAHHAHAHAHAHAAA eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer*screeches to a stop looks at you eek what didn't you say?!


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I own an arsenal of books for research for spiritual, mythological, and religious studies.
I can never have enough books!!

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