The name's Reyna, otherly known as Reyn, nice to meet you.I'm crazy. I'm silly. I'm funny. I'm "cute". I'm brave. I'm loud. I'm cheerful. I'm opinionated. I'm energetic. I'm annoying. I'm emotional. I'm shy at times. Sometimes I'm not everything I wish I could be, but I'm everything I need to be. I'm just me and I like that.I am a Christian. But be warned, I'm not your typical Christian female. I believe everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and if you don't like my opinion, then deal. I'll listen to your opinion, but that doesn't mean I'll care. I'm sorry if I say anything that might hurt you, because I know I didn't mean it that way, unless you really pissed me off, that is, and even then I prolly didn't really "mean" it. I have a big mouth and I'm going to stay that way, I'm never going to change, not for anyone or ANY reason, so I'm sorry. I do not fight unless there is an extreme need to do so. My skills are unknown even those who know me best. I seem to see things other people miss. I have few friends and many enemies. I am considered abnormal by others. My ways are fair and just. But I trust no one, not even myself. I don't judge people by there beliefs or the way they look or dress. I get along with pretty much anybody and I love meeting new people. I'm an interesting person once you get to know me, which won't be until I let you breach the protective walls that I've put up to keep me from getting involved with peoples issues and hurt by them.

MY gaia avi quest:

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Gold needed: 5,742,177

[Item Information]

Items needed:

Kelp o' th' Loch 2nd Gen.
White Deluxe Ribbon Stockings
Kottan Bell 2nd Gen
Midnight Gothic Bat Corset Dress
Wine Gothic Bat Corset
Fallen Wish 11th Gen.
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 3rd gen.
Coocoon (5th Gen)
Mercury's Moon
Amethyst And Milk Quartz Headband
Warmth of Apollo


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nice to meet a fellow christian.
Reyn Twilight

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Reyn Twilight

I'm not new to Gaia at all.
I had some issues in the past and
my parents ended up finding a way to delete my account.
So now, all this time later, I've deided to come back,
older and with a life for once.
I hope I can find some of the good friends
I once had on here, or at least find me some new ones.