Hey there interwebz people! AKA My stalkers!!.


My name is Halle. I've been apart of Gaiaonline since the year of '07 and I must say that ever since then I've never grew bored of this lovely online community!!. Tehe. I'm addicted to roleplaying, IT'S MY EFFING DRUG, YO!. I'm usually nice..and funny but when I'm pissed it's best for me to be left alone. I don't bite...much.. <w< Oh, oh! And I L-O-V-E anime. My faves are Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Mermaid Melody, 11 eyes, Goshuusho-sama and Ninomiya-kun.

Since I did say that I'm addicted to Rping I GUESS YOU COULD guess that I'm an RPER. I'm very well known in the GaiaOnline Roleplaying community. I don't know why, but I almost never post in thread not related to Rping topics. Strange habit of mine. Gaia is divided into sections, ya know? And to be honest I feel more comfortable being tucked away in the Roleplaying community. I only fit in there, I cannot fit in CB, GD, Or any other sick threads! D< I mostly RP as girls ( I dun know why, maybe because I am one.. ? ) and if you DO see me around Rping as a guy then it was probably on a rare occasion. My favorite genre of RPs are University/school Roleplays. Those were my first - that's right FIRST genre of RP I've ever roleplayed in since I first stumbled upon Gaia. I rarely join any other RP rather then University/school because everything else, depending on the RP and plot, doesn't interest me as much or e.e. That doesn't mean I won't join any other Rp's.. but I'm mostly a fan of those Boarding School ones. :3
I also like to RP with REAL pictures. Those are awesome too! Though anime themed boarding schools are my specialty. ( DOESN'T MEAN I CAN'T RP IN ANYTHING ELSE, PEOPLE ). I also do 1 x 1's or small group Rp's. = w =

Below I have a list of nicknames my beloved Gaia friends had given me. You can call me by any of my nickname, or you can call me Halle. Your choice...

My nicknames are...
-Le Poof (I don't really like this one but you can call me that)
-Halberry! (I luffles this nicknames)

Yeah so those are a few of my nicknames you can call me any one of them you want to!. And if you're wondering why I got the nickname ' Le poof ' well,.it's because I disappear a lot and before I go any where ..I say ' Le Poof ' and you know....leave....

<o< I prefer Halberry , though, hence that many people shorten my name and call me ' Hal ' and the the fact that I AM OBSESSED, with the Black Berry Cell Phones!. Tehe~. Makes sense now, doesn't it?~.

Okay...that's all. KTHXBai! (What?. You wanna know more...? TOO BAD! GO SUCK A CHERRY LOLLIPOP, STALKER!!. D;< wink

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. DON'T JUST IGNORE THIS because in The Bible it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile. God will smile at you. He really will! =)


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heart Happy birthday heart
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

sweatdrop Heh, sorry.
She looks like a ghost. It's creepy, but I like it. = w =
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

= w =
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

Boo-hoo. I don't like to shower... :C The last time I took a shower was between april- may in 2008! I've got a rash. I lied, don't believe that...= n =
My sister is 20 I think. I don't keep track of ages. Sometimes I still think I'm 12 even though I'm 13. D: I got the memory of a 90 year old woman.
Lol. And my laptop had a webcam, but I didn't like it because the movements were to slow, and it bothers me too much. If the computer or laptop has a webcam on it then yeah whatever. Just gonna have to teach me how to use it. And if your nice enough to teach me, I might not use it a lot anyway.
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

Awwww! heart
Dammmmn son. How about tomorrow night when I'm ready?
Once in a while I sneak on for a few minutes. Sister can be ''nice'' when she doesn't need the computer for anything. She only gets off for a hour when she has to do something. :C
About my laptop charger, I might get a new computer (not a laptop! ;D) But that will be when I move with mum.
I thought you got a laptop already. O n O
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

Dude, you like...scared me! D:
And yes, I'm still on her computer. Sometimes I use my Wii but it's mad slow, and I can't use meebo.
Heh, of coarse you miss me. I'm amazing and attractive. But when you said we gotta make love soon, I'm like ''holy mother of god!''
-mwah- >;3
Your Last Sweet Dream

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Your Last Sweet Dream

I feel like insulting my best friend! biggrin
Alright, alright ready? Yeah good.
Gay cradle snatcher.
Sorry, I was just soooo bored. XD

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I don't believe so. Also, sorry for late reply. I been busy with college applications and such.
Otherwise, I'm doing great. How about yourself?
I suppose we are.
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Your Last Sweet Dream

Lesbian?! O: Don't insult yourself like that!
Of coarse I'm still alive~! I never die! After all, I am Goddesses! But I say Gods now. Don't spell God's or God, say Gods. I hate when people mess it up. D<
But no my charger is still broken. I'm using my sister's computer. c:
Your Last Sweet Dream

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