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Hai! The name's Panda, or Dead Panda, if you will.
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My real name is Luana. (loo-on-uh)
My special name is Faye. <3

Age: 17 or so.User Image

Home: Currently in Ohio, but I wasn't born here...

Occupation: Currently in high school, gonna be a senior and can't believe it.

Favorite Colors: Pink N' Black, Blue N' Gween, Black N' White, Orange N' Pink...

Favorite Animals: Pandas of course, Foxes, Rottweilers, Bunnies, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, basically any small animal, kitties, and so much more!

Favorite Activities: Guitar Hero, DDR, Nintendo DS, Playing on the computer, Drawing, Singing, Playing with friends, Pretending I'm awesome...

Favorite Thingies: Pirates, Ninjas, Music, Art, Family Guy, Cheese, Animals, Fluffy Things, Hello Kitty, Tare Panda, Naruto, Anime, Spiderman, [especially emo spidey], Ice cream, Bubble Gum, Youtube, Super Heroes, Movies, My puppy, Febreeze, Chocolate, Nailpolish, and so on...

Favorite Actors: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Robin Williams, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp,

Things I Hate: My Life, [Some] Spiders, Tiny Little Bugs, Snobs, My School, My 'family', Loud People, Obnoxious People, Preps, Stuck Ups, Strangers...

Things I Love: My Puppy Pakkun, Candy, Pirates, Ninjas, Make-Believe, Movies, Online games where I can escape reality...

Oh yeah! Speaking of my puppy Pakkun.. I gots some pictures for you too see how cute he really is!
Just check out my

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[My Avi Contest Thread]

Check out some drawings of me!

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User ImageI'm the shizznit!User Image
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[lawl. This is a special drawing of my inner Fayeness.]

User Image-BTW-User Image
This account is in memory of Dead_Panda.
The account was hacked and abandoned.
I had many rares and valubles, plus alot of money.
It was VERY devistating to me.
So I'm making this account to replace my old one.
I need to raise more than 500k though, but I guess it will be easy!
I must sound crazy though, but oh well! I will get back everything I lost.
You can help me too!
Either donate, chat in my forum topics, buy things from my shops, or anything!
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Right now, this is sorta the look I'm aiming for.
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Of course, I have many more avatars that I would like to have. This one just happens to be the one I almost achieved on my last account. It's also the one that costs the most. ^^;

Thank you so much donators! I'll repay you somehow!

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My depressing yet eventful life.



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Haaaiiiiii. That is all.
Nia Phoenix

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Nia Phoenix

Hey Star Wars fan! I belong to a Star Wars Guild that's just getting started. Interested? Check my profile, click on my awesome Je'daii signature and check us out!
Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

It's a pretty awesome song biggrin and the choreography is great
Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

Girl group? Do you mean the Brown-Eyed Girls?
Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

Hollow Dirge

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Hollow Dirge

Ne, do you still get on gaia often?
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Hollow Dirge

err, no, not really lol sweatdrop
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Hollow Dirge

cool, I found out that you have to pay for it :< I think I'll go with the email thing....
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Hollow Dirge

Have you tried the snail mail option for students of the world?

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@w@ So much food~

Problem is he chose a path I didn't want to go down. sweatdrop I get what you mean, though. But you can't be there for them, always. Nor would they necessarily possess the same outlook on life or interests as you as society changes... But you'd have to help them with what their options are and where they might lead in the long run. Having just one plan, then having life throw a wrench in it, would be awful. =.= And happens too much. I've planned out the next 8 years of my life in vague terms, with a few back-up plans. What do you want to do most? What else might you want to do? How do you get to those? How are they connected? If the first failed, could you fall back on the others? Time needed, money issues, happiness, etc.

So in the middle would be nice. Like memory foam. Too soft and they fall through without support. Too hard, and they'd just throw the pillow out altogether. Memory foam is just right. =w= And can change shape if needs be.

So far, most kids I've talked to DIDN'T have a clue of what they wanted to do. So, they'd have to worry about it while in college, which is okay. Many are undecided in major, meaning once they find out what they wanted, they could switch to another major and still graduate on time. You can also switch majors whenever. So, if I were you,I'd find out what I kinda think of doing (Vet-Tech?, Culinary Arts?) and then choose a major to fit into your first choice,even though you're unsure, join some clubs, talk to some people, or just learn more about your area of interest so you can get a better idea of what you want. You've a year off from school at the moment, unless you don't apply next year. So try internships or something related to your interests. Funs. >w>

A full-time job? No, it's not practical. That's because you need 12 units (meaning 12 hours minimum of schoolwork per week) to be a full-time student (and thus receive financial benefits and loans). A full time job would be 8hrs a day, 5 days a week. That'll leave you little time for homework, sleep, friends, etc. But part-time job should be fine, depending on your workload. You'll do better financially with student loans and stuffs than getting a full-time job, then doing badly in school. I don't know many with part-time jobs... razz

>w< A change of topic: I'm dying to get out of here~!!! The leaves are changing colors and what nots~ Though I wish it wasn't as windy. OwO Baked anything recently? Haha~ i just made cookies... The seasonal Pillsbury ones with black cats/ghosts. ^-^; Kinda want to try baking something from scratch but too lazy.


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