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This isn’t important anymore. What is important is how I may best be of service to you.



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Max1 Effort Report | 06/01/2016 5:54 am
Hullo c:
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/21/2015 2:52 am
Its good, there is only 3 videos?
Oh so why did you mentioned it like you stopped: "chasing my dreams of a punk band"
It doesn't pay well? What do you have to do? play a certain instrument or computer thingy?
Are you the lead? Its that grungy voice thingy? Sorry, as you can see I know absolutely nothing about this sweatdrop rolleyes

Curvy is one thing, I'm unhealthy sad no one is trying but there is this girl I knew from junior high.. long story.
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/21/2015 2:19 am
That is so amazing.. Congratulations.. It looks sick and legit, so do you have a fan base now?
Tell me more, I'm fascinated by it.

Well guess again, its different here. People are judgement as hell and a girl's worth is based upon body size.
And being at the most unhealthiest weight I have been in 24years, I gave up hoping.
It's less depressing this way sweatdrop
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/21/2015 1:54 am
gonk Oh no more videos? I remember you used to post some stuff on here..
Well just because its not a career move, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it as a passion.
Is there like a punk/goth dating site that you can use? You're still so young, don't have to rush it. Maybe you will meet some nice girl soon.
Haha very funny, i'm off man, either going to end up a lonely sad woman or a lesbian.
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/21/2015 1:22 am
I'm so sorry for your loss. I do sense a hint of maturity.
I am struggling with quarter-life crisis and was like 'hey what a great time to check out my old gaia stuffs'
I cringed at the stuffs I posted around here.

Finishing college soon, one more year and then i'm joining the rat race.
Love life???...i just got out of a 4years relationship. Hanging up my hat for awhile.
What about you?
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/21/2015 12:15 am
I know right.. How long has it been.. I'm well, older but still none the wiser.
Miss HoneyMilk Report | 11/20/2015 2:23 pm
beastie allupons Report | 10/16/2015 7:54 pm
nipaaaa Report | 10/16/2015 4:33 pm
Excuse me mister... you're not supposed to reply to people in DLS. The point is to post without anyone replying. ^^
If you really want to give feedback you can tip the post or quote it without responding if you want to say that you feel the same way.
Azial Report | 09/11/2015 9:47 pm
Hard to say man, some things just happen you know? Life is weird and forever filled with mountains of unanswered questions and varying perceptions. Just gotta take it in stride I guess.

Haha, life been hard on you and you need a bit of a break?


🍀And Shepherds we shall be

🍀For Thee my Lord for Thee

🍀Power hath descended from Thy hand

🍀That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command

🍀So we shall glow a river forth to Thee

🍀And teeming with souls shall it ever be

🍀In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti


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