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Mikky Ekko <3

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My style lol

Curious people



Hello im Zoe but you may call me Z. emotion_yatta
I'm 16. A junior now!! lol xd
Im not quick to jump on the bandwaggon. sweatdrop
They say im very nice, I just dont see the point in being mean. I honestly think it's stupid to be mean. emotion_dealwithit
I'm a Christian you can be one too. emotion_awesome
Teh call meh a 'Goodeh Goodeh' in school - pops collar- im like heck yeah lol. It's ok to be a 'goody goody' so dont be afraid to be one. Be who God made you to be and God doesn't want you to be someone else because if He did why would He have made you.
Ive jumped down an escalator once.....landed like the hulk {EPIC} all for an umbrella (ella--ella--a-a-a) sweatdrop Almost scared two poor old ladies to death.
Im not quick to judge people.
I give people multiple times to get back on my good side.
I learn to accept people for who they are.
I think im outgoing, but some people may say im shy...(that irritates me though)
I'm not shy, I'm quiet. There's a difference. And sometimes, either I don't know what to talk about or I just don't know a lot about what you're already talking about and I don't want to change the subject and be rude. (yes, I know...complicated lol)
I like Vans.. a lot. I FINALLY OWN A PAIR!! I never really wear them tho sweatdrop
Anyways... add me if you want. Ill be glad (garbage bags) to have a new friend. whee
I'm weird and I think I might have A.D.D....
gaia_angelleft LOVE YOU gaia_angelright

I like art
I like weird things
I like animals
I like nature
I like photography
I like meeting new people
I like adventure
I like horror movies emotion_awesome
I like blue cheese
I like hot sauce
I like lip balm
I like mexican food
I like churros
I like movies
I like drawing
I like happy stuff
I like rainbows
I like everyone
I like bologna
I like legos
I like the color purple (the color not movie lol but its pretty good to)
I like helping people
I like fall


I dislike roaches
I dislike fake people
I dislike snobs
I dislike deceitful people
I dislike people who try to hurt other people or cause them pain on purpose
(but I know its not the persons fault, its satans)

I love people, but not things.

Bye, yum_cupcake

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Dokidokix3 Report | 11/01/2017 6:02 am
Hey. How are you, my friend?
Reinkarnazie Report | 01/20/2017 7:28 pm
thank you so much heart God Bless you always smile
R E I K E Z A N Report | 01/04/2017 5:45 pm
Oh my, you are welcome ♥
thank youuu sweetiee your is soo nicee
yugiohdueler Report | 12/02/2016 1:24 pm
you're welcome. have a good day.
The Beloved Bunny Report | 12/16/2015 2:36 pm
The Beloved Bunny
thanks for buying biggrin
The Iegend of ZeIda Report | 06/30/2014 7:29 pm
The Iegend of ZeIda
Thank you very much! It's basically just a look alike of me plus halo 😬 . On the ther hand you have a wonderful mix of random that it looks perfectly cool
Dear Hecatelia Report | 06/01/2014 9:58 pm
Dear Hecatelia

[/wigglesbutt] ovo
Chiaki88 Report | 05/31/2014 1:01 pm
Thank you for Shopping ^w^
Please do enjoy the rest of your day 3nodding
Dear Hecatelia Report | 05/30/2014 7:04 pm
Dear Hecatelia

[/huggles] ouo
Dear Hecatelia Report | 05/27/2014 2:39 pm
Dear Hecatelia

Wiggly. [/wiggles]




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I drew that

A boy asked Jesus, "How much do you love me???" Jesus replied, "I love you this much." And stretched his arms on the cross. Jesus died for us to protect us. If you love or believe In Jesus put this somewhere on your profile:')

a man said colored people are not allowed here the black man turned around and stood up he then said listen sir...when i was born i was BLACK when i grew up i was BLACK when im sick im BLACK when i go in the sun im BLACK when im cold im BLACK when i die ill be BLACK But u sir when u were born u were PINK when u grew up u were WHITE when ur sick ur GREEN when u go in the sun u turn RED when ur cold u turn BLUE and when u die you'll turn PURPLE And u have the nerve to call me colored? the black man then sat down and the white man walked away... -- Put this on ur profile if u HATE racism