Name: Shasta

Age: 22

: 123lbs

Height: 5'4"

Physiognomy: Shasta's skin is a wet sandy color, a dark tan, but her features are predominantly Caucasian. Her eyes are relatively almond in shape, and lack a tilt in either direction, giving them a dreamy, almost sleepy look. The irises are a clash of yellow and brown, so that they appear somewhat like sunflowers against soil. Though quite small in stature, she is reasonably proportioned, and almost masculine in some more toned areas, such as the quadriceps, trapezius, biceps. Her general fitness makes her lack curves in most areas, giving her a somewhat boyish, gender neutral countenance. Quite contrary to this, she is relatively well endowed in the area most often associated with feminism. Because Shasta is always wearing large, round tinted glasses, it's often difficult to read her expression. However, her darkly pigmented, small lips are exceptional for grinning, and exercise their ability frequently. Though she has a small gap between her two front teeth, the rest are healthy in shape and alignment, lacking in major staining or decay. Her cheeks are slim, and her face round, or pixie shaped. Shasta's hair is a shade of strawberry blond on the light end of the spectrum, but has a texture as if it were once a darker brown, but like her skin, changed by the color of the sun. This gives it a pieced, choppy, sharp appearance. It's worn fairly short, above the level of her chin, but flares out with the natural shape of her head, also reminiscent of a sunflower.

Occupation: The girl is a professional data runner. While it's popular for characters to be super hackers who are ridiculously good with computers (See: Eddie Izzard's Computers sketch), she's actually just your average user. Her actual job is to physically extract, destroy, or traffic sensitive data. She's also a skilled chemist, and employs chemical devices/weapons frequently in combat and work.

Special skills: The jobs she works give her a combination of specialized skills, including security handling, medium level espionage, street savvies, computer handling/maintenance, and weapon usage.

Interests: Shasta's most unique characteristic is her love/obsession with electronic dance music and the dance scene. At any given moment, she'll be tapping out a beat, picking up on a naturally occurring rhythm, or rocking out on her 66mm driver stereo headphones.

Dance/Fight style: The girl's dance style is primarily hardstyle shuffling (see random Youtube videos of hardstyle shuffling), but seems to have elements of martial arts meshed in, a result of her Jeet Kun Do training as a youth. She's also proficient in the visual arts of poi and glowsticking. <--- She is a highly disciplined practitioner of Jeet Kun Do, but will handle small weapons like handguns, blades, throwing knives, archery, etc.

Personality/History: Mixed up, down to earth, and fairly random describe both her personality and history. Later to be edited.


Also known as Vexy.

MSN: Vexy@hotmail
AIM: vdeliciouscakev

Favorite things: Sleep. Techno. Cowboy Bebop. Vodka.
Dislikes: Violence, headaches gonk , money.

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ll S a c r o s a n c t ll

Report | 12/27/2010 9:57 am

ll S a c r o s a n c t ll

Got that right!

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Oh, most definitely. <3

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Points for Cowboy Bebop. =]

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You are so deprived! gonk You don't know what you're missing! They're so delicious... and loli! :U

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You ever had a salted loli? They're not exactly sweet.

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When did you leave that comment? gonk Yes I am very delicious, albiet a bit to salty.

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your welcome smile

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thanxx for buyingg smile
Violently Touched

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Violently Touched

Haha, thank you User Image
Violently Touched

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Violently Touched

Thanks for buying (:


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